Work automation

Connect your business-critical systems and applications and create customised workflows that automatically sync data between them using Workfront Fusion’s easy-to-use tools — no coding required.


Your most important systems, connected at last.

Today, businesses rely on more systems and applications than ever. However, many of them remain islands without any communication between them — your financial system of record can’t talk to your IT system, nor your HR or CRM system. This means, to get a complete picture of your business, you must manually update each system, slowing down work. By automating work between people and systems, businesses can run with more speed and predictability, minimise costs and sync data in one place across every department.

Workfront Fusion lets you connect virtually any web-based application into a single hub. More importantly, it let you connect your key systems of record and set work automations that let information flow freely and sync automatically. So if budget changes on a marketing project, it will automatically reflect in your financial system.

Fusion lets you tailor integrations that gather and sync data and automate handoffs between people, teams and departments around the globe, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. And all this is done using codeless connector or standard SOAP and REST APIs, so you don’t have to enlist your developer team.


See what makes it work.

Connected teams and tools

Integrations seamlessly connect tools and teams, breaking down silos and time-wasting bottlenecks.

Codeless and API connectors

Out-of-the-box codeless connectors and standard REST and SOAP APIs let you easily connect to thousands of applications.

Central dashboard

All your team’s applications are found in a single, connected hub — without requiring your developers to build, maintain and support your integrations.

Extended visibility

Data is automatically synced to one place for complete insight into the status of work happening across different tools and teams.

Customised workflow rules

Create customised logic-based rules that gather and sync data to automate handoffs between people, teams and departments, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

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Integrate your technology and boost productivity.

This webinar shows how you can use Workfront’s vast integrations to bridge the gap between business applications and turn busy work into productive work.

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Sync critical data automatically with Workfront Fusion

This at-a-glance data sheet shows how simple it is to integrate all your applications and sync data between them.

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