Email engagement

Deliver more relevant and engaging emails in real time and in the context of the full customer journey.


Email remains one of the most effective channels to reach your customers at scale. But getting their attention with an inundated inbox is still a challenge.

Sending emails at the right time and based on the experience or previous actions taken can help cut through the noise, capture their attention, and increase the impact of your customer engagement.


See what makes email engagement work.

Message designer

Create emails using simple drag-and-drop features to add images, insert and format text, personalize offers, and format other visual components.

Preview and inbox rendering

Simulate how your email will appear in popular email clients to make sure it looks the way you want before sending.

Real-time customer profile

Personalize emails based on a real-time customer profile that updates as a customer interacts with your brand and moves in and out of different segments.

Omnichannel orchestration

Combine marketing campaigns with real-time, one-to-one messages in a single customer journey, which are triggered based on a customer’s actions, location, segment membership, and more.

Email templates

Develop beautifully designed, on-brand emails, coding from scratch, using your HTML, or starting with pre-built or your templates.

A fully embedded DAM

Access assets easily for your emails directly from Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials, a lightweight but powerful digital asset manager (DAM).

Offer decisioning

Drag and drop offers into your emails, relying on the real-time customer profile to determine offer eligibility.

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