Real-time Decisioning

Deliver the right offer to consumers no matter when, where, and how they want to engage with your brand.


Customers are inundated by offers throughout the customer journey — across emails, text messages, websites, direct mail, mobile applications, call center interactions, and more.

The Adobe Journey Optimizer decision management service allows brands to create, manage, and determine the personalized next best offer for individuals using a real-time customer profile, central offer management, and both rules-based and intelligent decisioning.


See what makes real-time decisioning work.

A single source of truth

Base decisions on Adobe’s real-time customer profile that unites enterprise, customer, and contextual data.

Intelligent ranking

Develop and apply AI-driven ranking strategies that personalize or optimize unique business goals.

Dynamic ranking formulas

Build custom ranking formulas using dynamic scripting via Adobe’s profile query language.


Deliver offers across the entire customer journey, from email to web to mobile apps to call centers and beyond.

Headless APIs

Use batch and real-time decisioning APIs for direct access on any internet-connected surface, screen, or touchpoint.

Dynamic eligibility

Create eligibility rules for offers or groups of offers based on behavior, segment membership, and real-time profile data.

One-to-one personalization

Individualize offers with dynamic content and objects using Handlebars.

Embedded assets

Link offer content from Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials.

Message designer

Enjoy a drag-and-drop message designer with out-of-the-box templates, rich-text editing, and no-code design.

Tags and collections

Generate static or dynamic collections of offers and decisions using tagging and grouping capabilities.

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