Create, manage, and personalize each customer’s “next best offer.”

Adobe Journey Optimizer makes it easy for companies to deliver the right offer to their customers — no matter when, where, or how they engage with the brand.

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See how Journey Optimizer makes real-time, cross-channel customer moments part of the planned marketing journey.

Customer lifecycle engagement

Make the next best offer a personal one.

Personalization is the name of the game today. Not only do customers expect it, but also experiences that give customers what they need at just the right time drive engagement, create loyalty and, ultimately, revenue.

Easier said than done. Customers are on the go — moving across channels as they move about their day. But if you’ve got siloed teams managing different channels and making decisions about which offer to send and when, your ability to create a consistent, personalized journey from beginning to end becomes stunted and disconnected.

Adobe can help

Adobe can help.

Adobe Journey Optimizer makes it easy to insert personalized offers directly in native channels, such as email or mobile push, as well as send consistent, relevant offers across all touchpoints of the customer journey. A central offer library lets marketers create and manage a variety of cross-channel offers and use the built-in decisioning tool, which takes real-time customer data and applies eligibility rules, to pick the next best offer.

Here’s how we build personalized offers:

Real-time customer profile
A 360-degree, up-to-date view of the customer that unifies data from multiple channels and is used to decide what to offer to deliver to individuals or audiences.

Central offer management
A central location to create and manage offers, regardless of channel, simplifying offer management and delivery.

Intelligent decisioning
An open and extensible decision engine that applies business rules and AI and machine learning to offer eligibility and ranking to determine the next best offer for any individual customer.

How to demystify decisioning and orchestration.

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