Audience Analytics

Get unrivaled customer intelligence with bi-directional, real-time data transfer from Adobe Analytics. By bringing together two sources, audience analytics offers more robust, consolidated reporting that provides segment-level performance to better inform optimizations.

Two engines are better than one.

You have a lot of data about your users. And you know which segments are your most valuable audiences. But you don’t know what actions your audience is most likely to take next, or what messaging they’ll respond to. 

The audience analytics feature combines insights and reports from Adobe Analytics with the data in Adobe Audience Manager. Every time a user visits your digital content, Audience Manager collects information about audience segments and sends the data to Adobe Analytics for processing in real time. Adobe Analytics integrates the data into your workflow to give you a full view of each user and segment.

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In-depth reports
Adobe Analytics analyzes data and creates customized reports from multiple sources. Analytics reporting will provide insights from a segment point of view, encompassing traits from second- and third-party sources, media campaigns, and onboarded files from a segment point of view, rather than by a data source.

Real-time sharing
Adobe Audience Manager shares data with Adobe Analytics in real time, so you always have the most accurate and relevant information available to learn about your audience, understand segments, and create the most effective campaigns.

Privacy and user agreements
Only data that can be shared without violating privacy and agreements is sent to Adobe Analytics. Use the data privacy control in Adobe Audience Manager to control the privacy settings for each data source.

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使用 Segment Builder 将档案分组为细分,以定向最有价值的用户并实时测算细分受众的数量,以便提高营销活动的成效。

A/B 测试细分

将细分拆分为互相排斥的组,以根据您的 KPI 测试不同定向平台或算法模型的性能,从而确保您达到成功指标。



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