Real-time Destinations

Activate dozens of destinations to support real-time transfer of segment information. Ensure customer information is refreshed whenever users visit or take action on your site, so you can always reach customers at the right time.

Exceed your customers’ expectations. In real time.

The world moves fast. And customers expect you to move at the same pace — with real-time response and personalization. By qualifying and segmenting users from the start, you can meet these expectations and make the most of any opportunity.

Each time a user visits or takes action on your site, Audience Manager uses server-side connections to send those updated segments to dozens of destinations. With more real-time destinations than any other DMP, you can deliver relevant, up-to-the-minute experiences to more of your customers.

See what makes it work.

Server to server integrations
Adobe Audience Manager builds new traits and segments for targeting as soon the content provider sends data. We support server-to-server transfers of data, both real-time and batch.

Destination Builder
Create, manage, and delete destinations safely in the Destination Builder interface. This helps reduce the time required for pre-deployment testing, so you can activate faster.

Up to date segmentation
By integrating with up to date segmentation that accept real-time transfers, you can ensure your users see content that is relevant to them, and while tailoring campaigns to specific points in the conversion path.

Learn more about real-time destinations in Adobe Audience Manager.

Dive into data transfer.

Learn how to set up a real-time data transfer and reach customers at the right time in our Help section.

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Learn why it all matters.

Read about the value of real-time interaction and keeping your audiences up to date in our Adobe blog.

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使用 Segment Builder 将档案分组为细分,以定向最有价值的用户并实时测算细分受众的数量,以便提高营销活动的成效。

A/B 测试细分

将细分拆分为互相排斥的组,以根据您的 KPI 测试不同定向平台或算法模型的性能,从而确保您达到成功指标。


查看受众与所选定向平台(例如 DSP)之间的重叠,以便在激活细分之前预测和规划营销活动效果。也可以选择与广告服务、DSP、广告网络等目的地共享数据。

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