Target Market Segmentation

Group profiles into segments using Segment Builder to target your most valuable users and measure the population of a segment in real time to improve your campaign results.

In this case, it’s easier hitting a smaller target.

Every person who visits your site wants an experience worth their time. They want to know you understand their needs. That’s why it’s important to create tightly grouped segments. 

Our Segment Builder tool has the solution. Build target audience segments that are focused enough that the messages you send are personal. Segment Builder lets you start with a single trait — such as price, color, or gender — called a signal. You can combine signals to create a trait, which narrows your audience. The final step is to combine traits to create segments. By organizing site visitors into segment groups, you activate the audience with similar campaign messaging.

See what makes it work.

Boolean logic
Quickly and easily group traits together with “and,” “or,” and “and not” qualifiers, so that you’re reaching a focused, relevant audience.

Automate segmentation
Advanced users can program the code editor to create audience segmentation criteria. Then we handle the segmentation so you can focus on campaigns.

Recency and frequency
Segment visitors based on actions that occur or repeat at set daily intervals. It can be determined by their real (or perceived) level of interest in a site, section, or particular creative.

Segment size estimator
Powered by Adobe Sensei, get a real-time estimate of your segment population to know the size of the audience you are creating. This ensures you are reaching a focused, relevant audience.

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Discover the power of signals, traits, and segments.

Learn more about how pieces of data make up a segment and improve campaign results in our Help section.

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Learn how to use Segment Builder.

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查看受众与所选定向平台(例如 DSP)之间的重叠,以便在激活细分之前预测和规划营销活动效果。也可以选择与广告服务、DSP、广告网络等目的地共享数据。

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A/B 测试细分

将细分拆分为互相排斥的组,以根据您的 KPI 测试不同定向平台或算法模型的性能,从而确保您达到成功指标。

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