Forms Reporting

Out-of-the-box, customizable dashboards make it easy to apply analytics to forms to measure granular field-level usage, analyze abandonment throughout the process, and track key metrics to gain insight for actionable areas of improvement.


The information you need to put your best form forward.

Form design is important. And it often takes tweaking and revising to get the most usable design for your specific audience. But this means you have to know what is working in your current forms and what isn’t performing.

With Adobe Experience Manager Forms, you can capture the metrics you need to improve your forms, and identify where customers abandon down to the field level. Visualize key metrics on a dashboard and get insights into common customer errors hindering conversions.


See what makes it work.

See what makes it work.

Customizable dashboard
Configure the dashboard to include metrics and KPIs that are most meaningful to your business.

Forms conversion metrics
See abandonment metrics as well as number of times each form is opened and submitted.

Field-level KPIs
You can see granular field-level metrics like time spent on each field, how many times help tips were used, and where on the form a customer abandoned.

Specific date range
View analytics for the past seven days, 15 days, month, or for a custom range.

Form filtering
Get an individual look at every form, not just an aggregate of all your forms. Filter forms by category or by specific forms.

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Increase your forms conversion rates.

Increase your forms conversion rates.

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