Connected customer experience across any channel, anytime — especially real time.

With seamless customer journeys, brands can do more than sell products — they can solve customer problems, create new opportunities, and even bring people together. Real-time CDP makes meaningful experiences possible with real-time data, intelligent workflows, and rapid activation, turning ordinary customers into real-time fans.

Market Responsibility - Data collection

Inconsistent experiences hurt your brand

Siloed systems, out-of-date customer preferences, delayed behavioral data, and disjointed experiences result in lost sales, decreased customer lifetime value, and diminished customer relationships — and they just make your brand look bad.

Customer data platforms (CDP) are increasingly necessary for delivering timely, relevant experiences — especially in the era of cookie-less data — and the market has seen an explosion of options. However, many lack the crucial ability to both update in real time and connect with customers in meaningful ways. Some support basic data collection and connectivity but have rudimentary identity resolution tools, leaving you with incomplete customer profiles. Others can’t meet advanced marketing use cases such as cross-channel campaigns, multi-faceted segmentation, and real-time personalization. Finally, some boast hundreds of integrations to destinations, but in reality many are poorly maintained or send limited fragments of data.

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Adobe can help

Real-Time CDP’s easy-to-use interface empowers marketers with the advanced data management, campaign orchestration, and cross-channel activation tools that drive greater personalization and better business outcomes.

Streaming data collection and actionable customer profiles resolve personal information with real-time customer behaviors to give complete insights into each customer. Artificial intelligence and data science builds custom propensity models empowering marketers with advanced segmentation and targeting. Marketers can then use an orchestration canvas and prebuilt server-to-server connectors to quickly plan and activate experiences across destinations and devices, reaching customers wherever they are — with delivery of personalized connected customer experiences within milliseconds. They can also measure success with rules-based and advanced attribution models that show ROI across paid, owned, and earned channels, or make custom models to fit specific business needs.