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Eligibility and Enrollment Advocates simplify complex benefits application processes with Adobe Experience Manager Forms.

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Decreased average time

to complete benefits applications by reducing redundant administrative tasks


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Streamline manual benefits application process

Ease point-of-service interaction for patients

Expedite insurance for the uninsured


Decreased average time to complete benefits applications by reducing redundant administrative tasks*

Improved patient experiences with applications signed and completed at the point of service

Reduced costs through enhanced insight into workflows and increased staff productivity*

Gained flexible tools to operate offline, attach images, and check forms for accuracy

About Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare works with hospitals across the United States to help their uninsured patients navigate complex assistance programs and apply for benefits. This support typically includes helping patients complete and submit vast amounts of paperwork that federal, state, and local programs use to determine eligibility.

The challenge: automating the patient paperwork process

Experienced healthcare representatives from Change Healthcare regularly meet with patients in hospitals to determine what programs they may be eligible for. Until recently, representatives asked for all the necessary information to complete insurance applications, went back to their offices to manually enter the patient’s information, and then finally returned for the patient’s signature.

“The process could be stressful for patients as well as challenging for our representatives who had to manually capture and complete many pages of information,” says Pranav Joshipura, Senior Director Product Engineering at Change Healthcare. “We knew that greater efficiency and faster service would benefit representatives, hospitals, and patients alike.”

“Adobe Experience Manager Forms streamlines the back-end process so that our representatives can screen more patients, improve quality of patient engagement, and ultimately increase our revenue.”

Alex Choy

CIO, Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare implemented several strategies to reduce redundancies and automate paperwork to reduce the stress on patients. But none of the changes met the company’s needs for a reliable, usable, fast, and customizable solution. Change Healthcare made the decision to implement Adobe Experience Manager Forms, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud within Adobe Experience Cloud.

“Adobe Experience Manager Forms streamlines the back-end process so that our representatives can screen more patients, improve quality of patient engagement, and ultimately increase our revenue,” says Alex Choy, CIO at Change Healthcare.

“Using Adobe Experience Manager Forms, we screened nearly 150,000 patients*,” adds Marco Bland, Director of Implementation Services at Change Healthcare. “The solution makes it easy to access and complete application forms on a tablet, providing efficiencies that enable us to give patients a world-class experience and simultaneously offer hospitals greater value through timely enrollment.”

Delivering a better overall patient experience

With Adobe Experience Manager Forms, Change Healthcare representatives can now efficiently complete application forms on their tablets, dramatically reducing workflow redundancies. They can enter new information in real-time while meeting with patients, as well as download information from existing patient systems to automatically prepopulate patient details. All captured data is propagated instantly across fields, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information on multiple pages. Once forms are filled out, patients sign the forms once on the tablet, instead of having to sign dozens of printed pages, enabling the Change Healthcare team to provide an easier experience at the point of service.

“Since Adobe Experience Manager Forms enables us to programmatically propagate reusable information, patients can just sign the tablet once, reducing signature times from minutes to seconds,” says Joshipura.

Streamlining services

By simplifying form completion, Change Healthcare is improving patient and hospital services. “The patients we see are typically quite ill, so we need to make the process as effortless as possible,” says Joshipura. Depending on the requirements, applications for benefits can be up to 50 pages long and require up to 26 signatures.

“With Adobe Experience Manager Forms, our representative can simplify a multi-step interview and administrative process,” says Bland. “Since implementing Experience Manager Forms, we substantially reduced the time to complete an application. The Experience Manager Forms workflow has the potential to save representatives hours every day and save our company millions of dollars annually once fully implemented.”

Secure and convenient offline information exchange

Although light enough to run quickly and reliably on a tablet, Adobe Experience Manager Forms delivers robust functionality. The forms can identify mandatory information and check paperwork for completeness, improving accuracy of completed forms. Required documents can be attached to electronic forms easily with just a few clicks. Patients no longer need to hand over their information and wait anxiously for a representative to return with a copy of important documentation.

*Change Healthcare internal reports

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