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Facebook Gaming creates a global awareness campaign in just weeks with video from Adobe Stock.



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Million impressions for a video campaign delivered in less than 4 weeks


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Raise awareness of Facebook Gaming marketing services for game companies

Emphasize Facebook Gaming’s reach to a global audience

Deliver campaign quickly and for low budget without sacrificing quality

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Delivered global campaign — including 5 video and 2 static ads — in under four weeks

Went from animatic to first video iteration in two weeks

Campaign reached 17 million unique users with 69.3 million impressions

Located stock video and imagery faster using smart search with Creative Cloud apps

When the pandemic caused lockdowns, many people began searching for new hobbies to keep themselves entertained at home. Around the world, millions of people turned to video games. Whether playing on consoles, computers, or mobile devices, gaming grew dramatically as a hobby. And according to the Games Marketing Insights for 2021 report from Facebook Gaming, even after the initial waves of the pandemic, increased player numbers appeared to sustain.

Facebook Gaming is an extension of Meta, connecting gamers, fans, and developers worldwide. The Facebook Gaming marketing team works with developers and publishers to grow and monetize their games using Meta’s global reach and marketing solutions.

“Gaming is increasingly global and diverse,” says Tim Lion, Head of EMEA Marketing, Global Brand and Programs for Facebook Gaming. “It’s led to huge potential for game companies, but also increased competition. At Facebook Gaming, we’re in a unique position to help companies find their audiences. We can provide companies with tested marketing advice and a strategic partnership to grow their games. We can provide access to global audiences across Meta technologies, including Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.”

Now more than ever, companies need the help of Facebook Gaming marketers to stand out and connect with audiences. Facebook Gaming wanted to celebrate its recent brand refresh, to reinvigorate its presence within the games industry, and raise brand awareness.

With support from Adobe Stock and Hogarth Creative Studio, Facebook Gaming's in-house production and creative team, Facebook Gaming brought its global brand awareness campaign from concept to market in less than four weeks.

“This wasn’t a typical planned campaign. We identified a need and saw an opportunity to unify a series of tactical marketing elements under a single campaign,” says Lion. “But since it wasn’t initially planned this way, it had to come together very quickly and cost-effectively. Through our team’s creativity and incredible selections from Adobe Stock, we delivered the campaign we envisioned without cutting any creative corners.”

“By collaborating with Adobe and using Adobe Stock, it allowed us to explore our creativity and deliver a better campaign on time.”

Oisín Griffin

Multimedia Video Producer, Hogarth Creative Studio

Achieving authenticity with the right images

The Facebook Gaming marketing team had two major goals for the campaign: raise general awareness of Facebook Gaming’s ability to reach the worlds gaming community and celebrate the new brand refresh. Facebook Gaming’s brand is inspired by the energy of a global, diverse audience, shared experiences, and self-expression. The brand expresses the full range of emotions experienced through gaming through the use of bold colors, dynamic text and motion, and a sense of joy and authenticity.

“Video can feel more authentic and less staged than static images, so we emphasized video images,” says Niall Kelly, Video Lead for Hogarth Creative Studio. “We wanted a diverse selection of clips that reflected authentic connection on a global scale: people from all over the world interacting with mobile devices, interacting with each other, and having genuine moments of connection. Our challenge was that we didn’t have the time or resources to shoot video.”

Facebook Gaming regularly uses stock assets and Adobe Stock is a particular favorite for how well it works with Adobe Creative Cloud apps. The creative production team uses Adobe apps to produce most of its assets. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are ideal for static advertisements, while Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and Media Encoder help create animated or video ads for use across all digital channels.

Adobe images can be accessed directly through Creative Cloud apps, creating a seamless workflow for creators. Advanced search parameters allow designers to drill down and find the exact image or video that they need faster. Creators can also build their own curated collection of imagery in shareable Creative Cloud Libraries. This keeps everyone on the same page, even when creatives are working in different locations with multiple vendors.

Even though searching for images is fast and easy, Facebook Gaming had a tight timeline for the awareness campaign. That’s why the team reached out directly to Adobe for support. The team shared a moodboard featuring about 20 images that captured the feel they wanted for the campaign, and an Adobe team helped curate the Facebook Gaming video collection.

“This campaign highlighted the importance of having such a good relationship with trusted partners like Adobe,” says Oisín Griffin, Multimedia Video Producer for Hogarth Creative Studio. “We had a very specific and brief timeline. We could have lost days trying to find just the right clips. By collaborating with Adobe and using Adobe Stock, it allowed us to explore our creativity and deliver a better campaign on time.”

“A lot of our speed came from Adobe Stock, as we got content quickly and could focus on other aspects of the video. This played a big role in helping the videos feel more creative and less generic.”

Niall Kelly

Video Lead, Hogarth Creative Studio

From animatic to video in two weeks

Facebook Gaming started planning for the campaign by creating animatics. While the team shared the video and collected feedback through email for this campaign, they recently switched to using for reviews. “There’s definitely a difference in terms of how streamlined feedback is with,” says Kelly. “For the awareness campaign we were emailing comments back and forth, but for more recent projects, we have one location to review and resolve feedback with”

Once the animatic was approved, video producers started pulling together the edit using the Adobe workflow. The marketing team ultimately created five versions of the video ad — including a 9:16 version for vertical video and a seamlessly looping square version — and two static ads. It took the team just two weeks to go from animatic to first iteration of the video.

“A lot of our speed came from Adobe Stock, as we got content quickly and could focus on other aspects of the video,” says Kelly. “This played a big role in helping the videos feel more creative and less generic. The images and video reflected the broad audiences that advertisers can reach with Facebook Gaming, without our needing to go on expensive global photo shoots.”

The campaign demonstrated an ability to engage audiences at scale, reaching around 17 million unique viewers with 69.3 million impressions. Facebook Gaming plans to build upon this success with campaigns that will highlight how advertisers can connect with players during the valuable holiday season.

“In some ways, the awareness campaign was like a pilot,” says Casey Corridan, Project Manager for Hogarth Creative Studio. “It proved that a small team can deliver very professional and engaging results without needing to shoot it for ourselves. Adobe Stock was a critical piece of the puzzle, helping us achieve results to deliver a high-impact global campaign.”

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