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Employees: 54,000

Chicago, Illinois


Drove more than $1 billion in pipeline


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Achieve global digital transformation

Recognize marketing as a core driver of revenue and growth

Improve the quality and consistency of data

Provide customers with the right content at the right stage in their journey


Drove more than $1 billion in pipeline

Established a strong alignment between marketing and sales for optimal experiences

Improved the quality and consistency of data to help marketers understand impact

Created one source of truth for campaign execution, metrics, and customer database

“Marketo is the center of our marketing engagement.”

Glenn Thomas

Chief Marketing Officer, GE Healthcare

Marketing analytics leads a full-scale digital transformation.

As the chief marketing officer at GE Healthcare, Glenn Thomas led his company’s global digital transformation — shifting his marketing department from being perceived as a “soft function” to being recognized as a strategic and commercial growth engine. And he used Marketo marketing automation software (now Marketo Engage) to help him do so.

“It’s not just a marketing automation platform. It’s also a source of customer data integration and campaign integration.”

Glenn Thomas

Chief Marketing Officer, GE Healthcare

Marketing can drive growth — and revenue.

At GE Healthcare, marketing now is a core driver of growth and revenue — the result of a strong alignment between sales and commercial operations. By championing an approach that focused on improving the quality and consistency of data, Thomas’s decision empowered a vast marketing team through the creation of a “digitally addressable” market.

Cutting-edge technology. Leading-edge results.

With Marketo Engage assisting Thomas and his team with the creation of digital and revenue marketing centers of excellence, GE Healthcare drove more than $1 billion in pipeline. As Thomas puts it, Marketo Engage has “elevated the importance in the role of marketing in the earlier stages of the buying cycle for the customer.” And it ultimately offered his team the solutions they needed to become competitive drivers of organization-wide profits and value.

“Marketo has always been a company that has been on the leading edge.”

Glenn Thomas

Chief Marketing Officer, GE Healthcare

Using data to tell a story.

GE Healthcare’s success isn’t just about profits — it’s also about people. Because technology alone can’t drive change. True digital transformation requires a balance between people, the stories they tell, and the experiences they create for others. GE Healthcare Head of Marketing Operations Stephanie Meyer puts it this way: “It’s not just about outrunning the competition…. It’s about how you tell your story differently.”

To build a marketing strategy — and team culture — that could achieve such developments, Meyer points to the power of marketing automation to arm the marketing department with the right content in the right context.

“It’s not B2B, it’s not B2C. It’s B2human. That’s what Marketo is all about.... Helping us all as marketers better understand our customers”

Stephanie Meyer

Head of Marketing Operations, GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare’s digital transformation has the power to inspire global shifts in how patients learn to seek care. With a powerful digital transformation, GE Healthcare’s message of quality care today reaches people all around the world. And Meyer says the global reach matters: “There are people everywhere, but there’s not always a hospital. And if we are able to get our message out because of marketing automation, I’m really proud of that.

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