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How Healthgrades streamlined processes and increased efficiencies to drive their business.

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Reduction in production errors year over year


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Streamlining internal processes and project management across the business

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$28,960 saved annually in resources with centralized capacity view into team's workload and available hours

40% reduction in production errors year over year

$330k total savings annually in people hours

When searching for quality healthcare, patients are often left in the figurative waiting room.

Healthgrades provides trusted information about physicians and hospitals so that consumers and providers can make more meaningful connections. In addition, the company supports more than 1500 hospitals and 400 health systems as they cultivate new relationships, improve patient access, and build brand recognition and customer loyalty.

“With five locations across the United States, we needed a better way to manage our internal processes,” says VP of Campaign Delivery, Chris Besting.

“The desire to take our project management and planning to the next level is what naturally drew us to Workfront.”

Chris Besting

VP of Campaign Delivery, Healthgrades

From paper processes to digital proofing

Healthgrades relied on an in-house project management tool to help manage their work, but eventually the need for a more robust work management system became apparent. Teams relied partly on printed job jackets and sticky notes to gather feedback on marketing jobs. Status updates were handled over email.

When it came to individual marketing projects, Healthgrades often relied on printed PDF proofs that would physically move from desk to desk to be marked up with edits. That PDF would then be emailed back to the client for feedback.

Healthgrades needed an integrated digital proofing solution — and found it in Workfront. Now the team manages a digital checklist to track all edits and feedback directly on the digital proof to minimize unnecessary back-and-forth and keep every project moving along smoothly.

“The way we were working wasn’t helping us run the business as efficiently as we knew we wanted to run our projects,” says Besting. “The desire to take our project management and planning to the next level is what naturally drew us to Workfront.”

“Workfront has become our source of truth across marketing services.”

Melissa Treinen

Production Design Lead, Healthgrades

Visibility that leads to flexibility

Workfront gives Healthgrades the visibility they need to optimize marketing workflows. Now, the team knows where each project is and who is working on it. Instead of relying on a single person to notify people about whose turn it is to work on a task, the notification automatically alerts the next team member in line.

Past processes were manual and reliant on each team member being physically present which made it difficult to ever be out of the office. The workflows Healthgrades implemented when they began utilizing Workfront resulted in flexibility for people to get their work done and find a better work-life balance — projects can now easily be picked up by someone else on the team when someone takes time off.

“Now, we have faith that anyone can get into Workfront, find the project, and jump right on it,” says Production Design Lead, Melissa Treinen.

That transparency extends to the organizational side of the business, too. Healthgrades uses Workfront to do much more than manage client work. While rolling out Workfront across the entire organization, they used the customized templates, workflows, and processes they’d already created in the platform to drive adoption and manage everything from the initial implementation to onboarding and training new employees.

“Workfront has become our source of truth across marketing services,” says Treinen.

“We used to spend hours typing up edits. Now I can focus more on managing the project instead of trying to figure out what edits mean.”

Kristina Walton

Sr. Integrated Project Manager, Healthgrades

Improved internal and client collaboration

Healthgrades’ clients rely on the company to deliver innovative, engaging, and effective campaigns. To achieve this, Healthgrades’ team members often closely collaborate with clients, fostering an interactive and productive working relationship.

As Healthgrades works with clients throughout the creative process, Workfront has facilitated real-time tracking, editing, and proofreading. Clients appreciate the streamlined and collaborative process, as it speeds time to completion. Clients can mark edits directly on the proofs and the team can implement those edits immediately. As a result, Healthgrades has seen a 40% reduction in production errors, which means a better product for their clients.

More importantly, while there are many tools that meet basic project management needs, Healthgrades wasn’t looking for a one-size-fits-all solution. Workfront delivers the flexibility and customization needed to meet Healthgrades’ unique processes, delivering reporting and workflows for the specific needs of their business.

“Workfront enabled us to go through the digital transformation of our service offerings, which was right in line with the digital transformation our customers were going through — helping us stay ahead of our customer demands.”

Chris Besting

VP of Campaign Delivery, Healthgrades

Keeping pace with change also helps customers manage change

Change is constant within any company. New products are released, best practices revealed, and innovative thinking shifts direction. The most successful companies find ways to manage the inevitable chaos.

The way work gets done is changing, too. Digital work management is no longer a nice-to-have, and people expect their digital interactions with companies to match those they experience in their everyday lives.

“Workfront enabled us to go through the digital transformation of our service offerings, which was right in line with the digital transformation our customers were going through — helping us stay ahead of our customer demands,” says Besting.

Today, with every task and timeline managed using customized project templates in Workfront, people have the flexibility and freedom to get work done on the go. What’s more, the Workfront for Slack integration means that teams can collaborate on any project right within their tools of daily communication, from wherever they happen to be.

“So much conversation happens now in Slack, whether on a team or 1-on-1 — I need Slack to integrate with Workfront,” says Sr. Program Manager Mike Clark. “This integration helps us make Workfront the single source of truth.”

“We improved our marketing workflow efficiency and are able to continuously improve,” concludes Besting. “There’s no more ‘it is what it is.’ Now, we have the visibility and efficiency to talk about how we evolve as a business.”


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