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Meet customers growing demands for customized products

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Millions of product configurations

Seven websites in four languages

9.5% 5-year industry CAGR

Customization at the core

SCUF Gaming in Suwanee, Georgia innovates and customizes high-performance controllers for the world’s 2.7 billion gamers, from first-timers to 80% of e-sports professionals. Handmade, individually tested SCUF handsets — sold in millions of configurations — are backed by more than 100 patents that improve gameplay and comfort.

Customization drives SCUF’s success. Gamers expect an active, immersive experience that puts them in control. So SCUF’s goal from the beginning was to customize configuration and purchasing—to give its customers a responsive configuration and ordering process that parallels their gaming experience.

Achieving that goal required a lot of in-house customization, with integration of both custom and off-the-shelf components. SCUF had already built custom product configuration, order-management (OM) and manufacturing (ERP) solutions. In 2019, they engaged e-commerce experts Guidance to enhance their website, integrating solutions to extend customization from configuration all the way to delivery of the completed product, across multiple geographies and languages.

“Consumers increasingly expect customized products, and a purchasing experience to match,” says Guidance CEO Jason Meugniot. “Advances in digital commerce let brands offer a unique experience that builds revenue, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.” Guidance recommended that SCUF enhance its commerce website platform from its original Magento implementation platform to Adobe Commerce, a platform that offers new integrations, scalability, security, and the flexibility to meet SCUF’s demanding vision.

Made-to-Order Design: Consumers are increasingly expecting customized or "made-to-order" products. SCUF Gaming has taken customization to a whole new level with their online controller customization tool.

Integrating a website — and an experience

The Guidance team led the rebuild of SCUF’s product configurator as an application, using granular product definitions from the Adobe Commerce catalog to send configuration information to their legacy ERP and OM systems.

They also built and integrated a carrier-independent Shipping Estimator to calculate shipping times to the customer’s front door, accounting for such variables as parts backlogs, transit delays, test time — even local holidays in sourcing countries.

Finally, Guidance consolidated multiple country-specific websites into a single Adobe Commerce database and ecosystem, so that geolocation data directs customers to a store that speaks their language and transacts in their currency.

Customization drives growth

The enhancements to SCUF’s Adobe Commerce website wrapped up late in 2019 — just before the COVID-19 pandemic triggered an explosion in both gaming and online commerce. “March and April 2020 were difficult months for a company like SCUF that relies on in-person hand assembly and testing, recalls David Guerra, IT Director of SCUF Gaming. “But the sales spike was incredible, and with Adobe Commerce, we were ready for it.” SCUF’s updated website and configuration engine, powered by Adobe Commerce, scaled smoothly to meet 2020’s unprecedented demand. It helped manage 1,400 parts sourced from three factories, accelerated manual assembly and testing, and unified configuration and shipping so customers could not only see the product they configured, but know when to expect it.

“The sales spike was incredible, and with Adobe Commerce, we were ready for it.”

David Guerra

IT Director, SCUF Gaming

Adobe Commerce also helped SCUF automate product imports, streamline product maintenance, and feed granular product-category information to the website menu. Additional integrations for website error reporting and fraud protection operate smoothly in the background.

Many of these seamless operational improvements have revenue impacts, as error tracking, cart abandonment, and account management data help SCUF fine-tune its processes from advertising and search-engine optimization all the way through shipping and delivery.

With its improved commerce experience, international and operational improvements, SCUF was able to take an outsized share of 2020’s gaming-industry surge.

Staying ahead with headless commerce

SCUF Gaming has already engaged Guidance to implement its next round of Adobe Commerce capabilities. One-touch payment will accelerate and further simplify transactions. Headless commerce will help SCUF deploy its content quickly across multiple classic and nontraditional shopping channels with no additional demands on developer time and resources. “Later this year, we plan to go live with full headless content management,” David explains, “so our content managers can modify content directly in CMS modules, and our developers won’t have to be content managers.” Reaching gamers through their mobile devices is a must-have right now and reaching them in-app — during their gaming sessions — is an important future priority.

“Later this year, we plan to go live with full headless content management.”

David Guerra

IT Director, SCUF Gaming


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