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Seismic uses insights from Adobe Marketo Measure and Adobe Marketo Engage to strengthen sales.




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Understand the business impact of marketing on sales and revenue

Gain greater insights into campaigns on closed social platforms

Focus marketing spend on most valuable campaigns

Reinforce collaboration between marketing and sales

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Quantify value of marketing, showing influence on over 90% of closed deals and 50% higher ASP

Quickly identify successful retargeting campaign that resulted in 5x higher pipeline ROI

Provide insights into the sales journey for sales and executives

Communicate important customer interactions to the sales team within the CRM using the Marketo Sales Insight tool

Today’s consumers expect personalized experiences at every step of the buying process. That’s why nearly 2,000 of the world’s top companies turn to Seismic for proven sales and marketing enablement solutions. Seismic’s powerful platform orchestrates content on a truly enterprise level, helping sales representatives sift through sales content to find the best messages at every stage of the sales cycle.

Inside of Seismic itself, the sales and marketing teams aim to be aligned and as effective as possible. Lauren Andrasco, Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Operations, views data as key to enabling that alignment. “The entire Seismic leadership team stands behind data-driven decision making,” says Andrasco. “We want to understand the buying cycle and make sure that our marketing campaigns result in bookings and revenue, not just leads.”

Seismic had a strong marketing strategy in place to support sales, and marketers tracked clicks and responses to better understand how customers react to content. But clicks don’t always tell the full story. The team wanted a deeper understanding of how each campaign influences bookings and ultimately supports revenue.

Seismic gained the intelligence and visibility it was looking for with Adobe Marketo Engage and Adobe Marketo Measure (formerly Bizible). All demand gen interactions funnel into Marketo Engage, providing a full picture of how customers react at every stage of the buyer journey. Marketo Measure builds upon this data with intelligent algorithms that determine the exact influence from every campaign, channel, and touchpoint.

“When we started using Marketo Measure with the rest of our marketing and sales tools, our data became exponentially more powerful,” explains Sarah Duff, Senior Marketing Operations Analyst at Seismic. “Having such a deep understanding of data isn’t just good for us in marketing operations, but it benefits Seismic as a whole.”

“When we started using Marketo Measure with the rest of our marketing and sales tools, our data became exponentially more powerful. ”

Sarah Duff

Senior Marketing Operations Analyst, Seismic

Understanding marketing impact

Before Marketo Measure, Seismic only had a basic understanding of leads. It knew how many people clicked on each marketing campaign, how many people read content, and how many people became leads. But not all leads are equal or result in big sales. It was unclear exactly how effective marketing was at supporting sales.

Marketo Measure added new insight into every opportunity, identifying the impact of each campaign and touchpoint on revenue. “Marketo Measure allows us to demonstrate the importance of marketing to the organization,” says Andrasco. “We discovered that marketing influences over 90% of closed deals and results in nearly a 50% higher average selling price (ASP). We’re having much more productive conversations with sales and leadership about what channels and campaigns have the most impact on revenue.”

With Marketo Measure attribution, marketers can look at specific campaigns to determine how they influence customers. Marketers can invest more in successful campaigns and adjust overall strategy to meet changing customer expectations.

“Our CMO encourages us to experiment with new channels and new messaging,” says Andrasco. “Marketo Measure helps us understand whether those new channels and content are effective or if we need to adjust our strategy.”

LinkedIn is an important channel for Seismic’s B2B marketing. Seismic takes advantage of the platform to target audiences and highlight content relevant to specific personas and companies. Data privacy rules can create a black box that limits insights that marketers gain from LinkedIn. Marketo Measure links all available information together to measure engagement with the LinkedIn ad campaigns and forms with greater accuracy.

“Looking at returns, cost, pipeline influence, and other campaign insights, we can see which campaigns really performed,” says Duff. “There was one retargeting campaign where we saw a 5x higher pipeline ROI compared to similar campaigns on LinkedIn. We immediately started expanding the campaign once we realized it was making such a difference.”

“Marketo Measure allows us to demonstrate the importance of marketing. We discovered that marketing influences over 90% of closed deals and results in nearly a 50% higher ASP.”

Lauren Andrasco

Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Operations, Seismic

Influencing planning across Seismic

The insights from Marketo Measure are useful across Seismic. During the pandemic, marketing operations noticed that the average number of touchpoints for a new contact rose, lengthening the buyer journey. Marketing operations presented this information to sales to help them prepare to be patient during longer sales cycles. The executive team used this information to adjust the next quarter’s forecasts.

Seismic found Marketo Measure helpful when comparing ad vendor relationships. Typically, Seismic would judge ad vendor performance by looking at the number of leads delivered by each vendor. Marketo Measure goes beyond the basic cost per lead to find ad vendors that influence more closed deals or higher value deals.

“Without Marketo Measure it would be easy to fall into the trap of making decisions just based on cost per lead without looking at the broader picture of how vendors generate more pipeline,” says Duff. “Marketo Measure attribution is more about every-touch attribution and offers deeper insights compared to a first-touch or last-touch model.”

“With Marketo Measure and Marketo Engage in place, we have solid insights to recalibrate our account-based marketing initiatives and be more strategic about how we reach audiences with the best content.”

Kaylea Parkin

Manager of Marketing Operations, Seismic

Communicating insights with sales

With greater insights into how specific campaigns perform, the marketing team finds that they get even more value from the marketing automation capabilities of Marketo Engage. All campaigns and customer interactions flow through Marketo Engage, forming a central hub for customer information that feeds directly into the CRM and other sales and marketing tools.

The Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) tool integrates with the CRM to communicate important leads to the sales team. Any critical interactions — from a customer downloading a report to requesting a demo — are highlighted on the MSI panel, right in the CRM itself. Sales teams can combine the MSI data with the Seismic intent tool, which provides insight into intent at an account level, to better identify specific contacts at an account.

“With Marketo Measure and Marketo Engage in place, we have solid insights to recalibrate our account-based marketing initiatives and be more strategic about how we reach audiences with the best content,” says Kaylea Parkin, Manager of Marketing Operations at Seismic.

Concludes Andrasco, “Marketo Measure helps us get even more value out of our marketing. It’s a great guide not just from a marketing perspective, but also from an operational perspective into how we engage leads more effectively and maximize our marketing impact.”

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