How Thermo Fisher Scientific streamlined work amid rapid change.

Change often happens slowly—but sometimes, a pivotal moment requires more immediate adaptation.



Employees: 90,000

Waltham, Massachusetts.

Streamlined work and accelerated content creation amid rapid change


Adobe Workfront

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Centralize work and streamline workflows

Speed up content creation and delivery

Simplify the compliance and legal process

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Quickly adapted to remote work and shifting priorities

Reduced overall project duration by 20%

Achieved a 24% reduction in target duration of legal review

The world and all its workplaces felt the impact of rapid change at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. For Thermo Fisher Scientific, a world leader in serving science, that meant an abrupt shift in where they worked, how they managed work, and how they kept content creation and legal approvals flowing during such a crucial time for the business and its customers.

Picking up the pace during a pandemic

While many industries faced a downturn during the pandemic, the medical industry needed to scale—and scale quickly—to meet the demand for rapid healthcare innovation and information. As a leading manufacturer of life sciences equipment—supplying scientists with everything from diagnostics, personal protection equipment (PPE), and instrumentation to the manufacturing of vaccines and therapies— Thermo Fisher Scientific didn’t have a moment to lose. Not if they wanted to keep pushing science a step ahead of today.

As work shifted to fully remote essentially overnight, Marketing Operations Manager Amy Zakrzewski and her team needed to find ways to improve production efficiency and keep everyone connected and work centralized. They also needed to develop and globally speed up the delivery of customer-centric digital content to the market. Recently adopted legal approvals were slowing down the process, so the Thermo Fisher Scientific team had to ensure increased compliance requirements wouldn’t significantly lengthen the time it took to get content out to market.

Zakrzewski and team were up for the task. They embraced the uncertainties of the pandemic as opportunities for growth and partnered with Adobe Workfront to manage work and meet increased content demands.

“At such a large organization, it’s impossible to pay attention to everything. Adobe Workfront gives us the ability to pull in the right information and show it to the right people at the right time so that they can do their work and not worry about all the other noise. ”

Amy Zakrzewski

Marketing Operations Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Taking change in stride—and finding better ways to work

While many companies scrambled to set up new systems and workflows to adapt to remote work, Thermo Fisher Scientific centralized and streamlined work in Adobe Workfront. As a work management system designed for both agility and customization, Workfront made it possible to quickly adapt to remote work and shifting priorities. And its online proofing, capacity planning, workflow automation, and reporting capabilities have helped Thermo Fisher Scientific achieve operational excellence.

The team adjusted workflows and met new and existing needs exacerbated by the swift onslaught of the pandemic. Content creators and marketers were able to easily collaborate on and efficiently review and approve creative work using Adobe Workfront integrations, speeding up the creation and delivery of content.

In addition to accelerating content creation to keep up with market demands, Thermo Fisher Scientific simplified the compliance and legal process, gained clarity on everyone’s roles, and automated tasks where possible. They also added an entire legal review process and only extended their workflow timelines by two days.

To facilitate and expedite these legal approvals, Zakrzewski and her team created stakeholder dashboards to store all relevant documents and information. These dashboards give authorized users visibility into projects and everyone the details they need to do their job well.

“Now we can put the information that’s relevant to the legal team right up front and give then some direction on where to find additional information they need quickly, said Zakrewski. “The dashboard gives them one place where they can get reviews completed quickly.”

The ability to collect and consolidate proofing comments in a report also helped Thermo Fisher Scientific keep partners and suppliers informed and apprised of new legal guidelines to further reduce legal approval timelines. And because they could automate manual tasks, streamline intake forms and legal approvals, and conduct compliance reviews, work moved along at record speed. They achieved a 24% reduction in target duration of legal reviews—nearly 50% faster than the company average. This, in turn, led to a 20% reduction in overall project duration. And kept Thermo Fisher Scientific on track with its mission: to help its customers make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer—even…no, especially…during a global pandemic.

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