Visier uses robust analytics to achieve better business outcomes.

Using Adobe Marketo Engage and Bizible, Visier reinvents its approach to the marketing pipeline.




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Return on marketing spend

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Pinpoint most effective marketing strategies to increase sales

Unify marketing and sales in revenue operations function to support growth

Clarify objective and resulting impact of marketing programs

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2x return on marketing investment

Boosted marketing effectiveness with optimal timing and mix of content across all marketing channels throughout the buyer journey

Gained insights into target account and persona engagement and better understanding of engagement across the customer journey

Recalibrated approach to channel mix particularly with events and digital channels 

Exploring people-based analytics 

A foundation of a successful business is having a team capable of, and empowered to, go ‘above and beyond’ what was initially thought possible. Workplace analytics software leader Visier provides its global customers with the analytics and creative solutions to attract these high-performing employees, address skills gaps so they can excel, and nurture inclusive workplaces to retain them.


Just as Visier coaches its customers to use the richest data in decision-making, its own internal teams need solid insights to drive effective marketing and sales strategies. Building brand awareness and demand with broad audiences is challenging enough, but Visier promotes people analytics, a service that’s not always widely understood to even more targeted audiences in HR, data analytics, and the C-suite.


In its search for a smarter, more sophisticated, marketing technology solution, Visier switched from a competing marketing automation leader to Adobe Marketo Engage. Its goal was to move to a platform that had robust features to help drive efficiencies around marketing operations, accelerate and scale lead management, and scale marketing campaign execution quickly. Marketo Engage also allowed access to richer data and analytics for improved decision making, helping to drive better insights into marketing objectives and impact.

“Our business is all about discovering what sparks engagement in people, and what we do with our revenue operations is no different. With Marketo Engage, we get a solution that guides us in understanding and responding to what best engages potential customers.”

Richard Wasylynchuck

Vice President, Revenue Operations, Visier

Richer data, more effective planning

Building a roadmap for revenue operations requires a master cartographer, and Richard Wasylynchuck, Vice President, Revenue Operations—who came on-board not long after Visier adopted Marketo Engage several years ago — is a highly experienced leader. He is also part of the Adobe “Fearless 50.”


“Our business is all about discovering what sparks engagement in people, and what we do with our revenue operations is no different,” says Wasylynchuck. “With Marketo Engage, we get a solution that guides us in understanding and responding to what best engages potential customers.”  


Originally joining Visier in a demand generation and marketing operations capacity, Wasylynchuk was recently tasked with creating a new revenue operations group. This group centralizes key marketing, sales, and customer success functions, and focuses on a shared mission of improving process, technology, and insight to improve business outcomes.


A cornerstone of the team’s consolidated approach to marketing involved using the rich analytics capabilities of Marketo Engage to assess the effectiveness of the company’s many marketing activities — looking at what programs are impacting milestone positions in the customer journey such as first touch, lead create, form conversion, MQL, and opportunity creation.


Initially, the group — which includes Paul McKay, Manager of Revenue Operations — used Marketo Engage to scale the marketing database across various audiences, honing in on high volume programs and campaigns. In addition to delivering promotional content across audiences, the team uses data created through Marketo Engage to better understand performance of campaigns by persona, job level, and other attributes to ensure that decision makers were engaging with programs. 

“Marketo Engage and Bizible give us the freedom to be agile and innovative in everything from how we respond to data to how we respond to customers along their buying journeys.”

Richard Wasylynchuck

Vice President, Revenue Operations, Visier

Tracking the impact of each campaign, program, or action on the customer journey isn’t just key to landing deals in the moment, it’s essential to guiding Visier in its budgeting and strategic planning. With longer sales cycles typical in enterprise sales, it is crucial that Visier program managers have detailed information to set actionable revenue targets and invest in high-performing campaigns and activities.

Deeper insights through Bizible  

Wasylynchuck, McKay and the team searched for even deeper ways to connect marketing actions with specific touchpoints in the customer journey, directly measuring the impact of marketing on revenue and refining tactics based on new information. Exploring the full range of solutions that worked well with Marketo Engage led the revenue operations team to Bizible.


Through Bizible, the team gets immersive, granular detail about the multichannel touchpoints, including all digital media channels, direct mail, offline events, digital events, webinars, and outbound efforts that move interested buyers through the pipeline. The combination of Marketo Engage and Bizible isolates leads based on personas, job levels, industries, and even the stage of a customer journey. Armed with a holistic view of activity across a targeted customer, Visier creates agile campaigns ensuring that they are delivering the right message, to the right persona, in the right channel, and at the right time in their journey.


Using Marketo Engage and Bizible, the revenue operations team has already seen two times the return on marketing investment. “Adding Bizible to our powerful martech stack drives high-impact campaigns,” says McKay. “The data we were able to generate in Marketo Engage empowered us to meet our customers where they were and share relevant stories at the right time.”

Rethinking the pipeline

Adobe Marketo Engage and Bizible today enable Visier to create richer, more expansive customer journeys.


Before the COVID-19 pandemic moved most industry conferences online, Visier invested significantly in in-person events because these were perceived to be efficient drivers of pipeline generation. However, by combing through data in Bizible, the revenue operations team gained an important insight into the value of large, in-person conferences: though industry events drove high engagement for the brand, the stronger impact was deeper in the journey touching a significant amount of open pipeline versus generating net new pipeline.


“In reducing our reliance on anecdotal observations about what closes deals, Bizible inspires us to consider the value in every customer touchpoint,” says Wasylynchuck. “Data insights become the canvas we use to create a complete picture of our brand across diverse customers.”


With this knowledge, the company recalibrated previous expectations that each handshake could close a deal, anticipating new ways to keep funneling customer contacts deeper into the pipeline. Instead of relying on singular tactics like large scale events to drive milestone positions in the journey, Visier now develops fresh strategies to engage customers before, during, and after events to have a more holistic experience for prospective customers.


The company also discovered that webinars, previously an undervalued resource, were very effective at enhancing brand awareness among potential leads. Given the challenges of explaining people analytics to companies worldwide, clear messages are essential to educating customers about how Visier can make their businesses more successful, dynamic places to work.

Moving forward with creativity and agility 

Wasylynchuck and his revenue operations team have infused their passion for analytics and automation to every aspect of Visier revenue operations. Marketo Engage integrates across the company’s martech stack, including their CRM, Demandbase, Allocadia, and other marketing technologies. With these integrations, the team can take data culled from various touchpoints for different audiences and spin them into predictive models around intent to purchase that are then shared across sales and marketing to help refine and focus strategies.


The segmentation and data-based decision-making through Marketo Engage and Bizible empowers the revenue operations team to continually provide feedback to refine Visier’s marketing strategy and allow the teams to have a more account-based focus.


“Adding Bizible to our martech stack enabled us to drive high-impact campaigns. The data we were able to generate in Marketo Engage empowered us to meet our customers where they were and share relevant stories at the right time.”

Paul McKay

Manager, Revenue Operations, Visier

This change is only possible because of the ease, speed, and flexibility of working within Marketo Engage and Bizible. As the team tests out account-based strategies over traditional lead and contact-based methods, they have almost immediate data to gauge their success and make quick adjustments. With the flexibility to try new strategies with minimal to no risk, the team can get creative in ways previously impossible.


Even for an experienced Marketo Engage user like Wasylynchuck, what his team is achieving is exciting, especially as they further explore the power of Bizible.


“Marketo Engage and Bizible give us the freedom to be agile and innovative in everything from how we respond to data to how we respond to customers along their buying journeys,” says Wasylynchuck. “We have the applications to make the best decisions in the moment and keep building on our success.” 

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