Customer experience needs IT’s experience.

Stitching together massive datasets. Building customised integrations. Navigating compliance. All this and more is the reality of delivering a world-class customer experience and your business is relying on you. We can help.

Innovative customer experiences require an innovative tech stack.

How we help

Get it all with our demand-side platform.

Real-time customer profile.
A business with siloed data simply can't succeed in today's market. With Adobe Experience Platform, you can bring your data together into a single profile for each of your users then standardise to create real-time profiles that are ready for insights and action.

Get it all with our demand-side platform.

Establish a foundation of trust.
The way your business uses and manages data is the key to establishing trust with customers. Our products are built with privacy, security and compliance by design, so you can help to keep all your data secure, respect your customer’s data choices and help you to maintain readiness with your obligations under GDPR. Learn more about privacy at Adobe.

Get it all with our demand-side platform.

AI-driven insights for all.
To make the best customer experiences, you need to go from data to insight in milliseconds. Adobe Sensei, our AI and ML framework, makes possible this by automating mundane tasks and enabling proactive insights.

Get it all with our demand-side platform.

Use the right application for every experience.
New technologies and new possibilities are emerging every day. With our open and extensible platform, you can use any of our industry-leading applications or develop your own to connect data and creativity, content and commerce. So your business will always meet customer expectations with incredible experiences.

Explore IT Resources for Our Products

Customer experience is a complex puzzle involving many teams and technologies. We develop our products with the goal of reducing that complexity as much as possible. Below, discover resources for each product to help you do your job more easily.

Adobe Experience Platform was built from the ground up for enabling incredible customer experiences. This open and extensible platform stitches all your data together and relies on continuous intelligence to power a real-time customer profile that allows your company to deliver real-time experiences at scale.

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“Creative, content-rich campaigns are an integral component of Monin’s future digital marketing plans. Thanks to Magento, Monin is committed to staying connected with its customers and to better understanding what drives their interest.” 

Todd Cummings, CIO, Monin

Monin invested in Adobe and boosted sales by 400 per cent.


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