Store Fulfillment for Adobe Commerce by Walmart Commerce Technologies.

An advanced omnichannel fulfillment solution that lets you deliver an end-to-end buy-online-pickup-in-store or curbside (BOPIS) customer experience, while maximizing your store employees' productivity by providing a seamless workflow that is enabled through mobile devices.

Store Fulfillment is available for Adobe Commerce customers. Get the extension from the Adobe Commerce extensions marketplace.

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Store Fulfillment is available for Adobe Commerce customers. Experience a live demo.

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Store Fulfillment, at a glance.

Savvy retailers know that offering BOPIS offers the customer convenience, an enhanced shopping experience and faster fulfillment. Customers often search for products from retailers that offer BOPIS before they begin their shopping journey. With Store Fulfillment for Adobe Commerce, digital merchants with physical stores and warehouses now have an advanced, mobile-enabled BOPIS solution to meet increasing customer demands for omnichannel fulfillment while reducing costs.


Omnichannel flexibility

Turn stores and warehouses into pickup points and fulfillment centers.


Fulfillment efficiency

Help store employees accurately and quickly fill orders with picking, staging, and order handoff capabilities.


Mobile convenience

Deliver a seamless, end-to-end omnichannel fulfillment experience.


Operational visibility

Improve leveraging store-level supply and inventory allocation to drive timely local fulfillment.

Here’s how you build better omnichannel fulfillment.

Let your customers choose their most convenient pickup options and make BOPIS easier for store employees to fulfill, all while getting more visibility into each store’s moving inventory.

Better for your customers.

  • Convenient customer pickup options - Customers can easily see product availability and select a store to pickup items — either curbside or in-store — during their online purchase.
  • Customer email notifications - Customers receive order information and specific pickup instructions at every step.
  • Customer check-in - Minimize customer wait time by enabling them to alert store employees when they’ve arrived and provide vehicle and parking information to quickly identify their pickup location.
  • Buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) and curbside - BOPIS and curbside pickup have become status quo and shoppers expect it. By offering an end-to-end, seamless BOPIS and curbside pickup experience from your brick-and-mortar stores, you can unlock four key benefits. Get the guide.

Better for your business.

  • Employee picking app - Store employees can accurately pick and fulfill orders placed online for in-store or curbside pickup.
  • Employee staging module - Store employees can systematically stage orders so they are easily accessible based on due date and pickup time to ensure a seamless customer handoff.
  • Online visibility of in-store inventory - Merchants can easily show in-store availability to customers — crucial for driving online customers into stores.
  • Enhanced inventory reservation model - Merchants can increase inventory visibility by leveraging Store Fulfillment to update stock information.
Store Fulfillment is currently available for US-based Adobe Commerce merchants. Learn more about Store Fulfillment. FAQs