Real-Time Customer Data Platform

Combine B2C and B2B data from across all business lines onto one unified platform

Adobe Real-Time CDP is the industry’s first CDP purpose-built to combine B2C and B2B data into unified hybrid profiles, enabling B2C and B2B marketing teams to work together to create seamless customer experiences across all lines of business.

Feature - Unified Profile

Creating consistent experiences across multiple lines of business is a challenge

Customer experience has become the #1 priority for companies that want to survive and thrive in today’s economy and culture. This is doubly true for companies that engage the same buyers across multiple lines of B2C and B2B business. Customer expectations are at an all-time high no matter what type of business they are buying from. They demand the same personalized experience whether they’re buying for themselves or if they’re buying on behalf of their company. Creating a seamless, continuous customer experience across B2C and B2B businesses is challenging — but critical — for companies that want to stand out from the competition, recognize new revenue opportunities, and maximize conversions with customers. Combining both consumer and professional data for each individual in real-time provides the unified insights needed to personalize the right content and deliver it fast enough that your customers feel like VIPs no matter which line of business they engage with. 

Feature - Unified Profile

Adobe can help

Adobe's Real-Time CDP was purpose-built to combine both B2C and B2B data using Adobe's Experience Data Model (XDM), a uniform and flexible data model designed to be easily customized for complex enterprise data management needs. B2C and B2B marketers benefit from XDM’s ability to combine all consumer and professional data attributes and behavior across all lines of business into a single, unified person profile. These hybrid profiles of B2C and B2B data allow for cross-business segmentation including the ability to create B2C audience segments using B2B data, and vice versa. Additionally, Adobe's CDP uses both types of data for even more accurate identity management across businesses. As a result, B2C and B2B marketing teams can work closer together as one team to identity very targeted cross-sell / up-sell revenue opportunities between businesses based on the same data and understanding of each customer and prospect, all while using a single CDP. By putting all your data in one place, you make sure that all of your teams are reading from the same playbook. 

The industry’s first hybrid profile

Users can segment hybrid profiles made up of combined B2C and B2B data to easily identify and execute all-new revenue opportunities across multiple lines of business.

Example audience segments

See all existing B2B customers that have corporate stock plans through an employer, but don’t have a personal brokerage account.

See all existing B2C customers that have personal cell phone plans and own a small business, but do not have a small business internet plan.

Streaming Data Collection

Explore other benefits

Market Responsibility - Unified profile

Market responsibility

Connected experiences

Market Responsibility - Connected Experiences

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