Scenario planning

Workfront Scenario Planner is responsive planning tool that continuously updates scenarios based on feedback and intuitively recommends the best path forward — ideal for both free-form and ad-hoc planning.

A planning solution that evolves.

Priorities change, budgets shift, team members come and go. Yearly and quarterly planning can’t keep up. And updating project plans with manual adjustments and spreadsheets is a time consuming uphill battle that leads to missed deadlines — and opportunities.

Workfront Scenario Planner is new way to help enterprises implement continuous planning practices and accelerate speed to execution. It’s a fluid approach that adapts situations change. With it, you can build clear, informative plans with minimal data that update and become more precise as you add or change information. So when budgets shift, so do resources allocations, timelines, and deliverables.

You can also create multiple scenarios and compare them side-by-side to get a clear view of the advantages of each. It’s a simpler way to see resource allocations, budget commitments, and make data-driven decisions without having to slow down to replan work. | Scenario Planner


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See what makes it work

Create and iterate scenarios

Create scenarios with minimal input that automatically adapt as more data comes in.

Compare scenarios

Compare multiple scenarios side-by-side to see how each impacts your initiatives, resources, and budgets.

Find a path forward

Collaborate and make consensus easier with visibility into how each scenario impacts specific initiatives and the work required of each team.

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