Insurance Success Stories

“Evolutionary change has been impactful. We’ve gone from reacting to organising to scaling our work. Now, we can begin to optimise for full operational excellence. Workfront is giving us a competitive advantage not only in the U.S., but globally.”

Mary Ann Erickson, SA Workflow Systems Engineer, Allianz Partners

One of the largest global insurers in the world has turned to Adobe to maximize their media spend and target those customers who are in the market for insurance—and who are new to Allianz.

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“Instead of taking a day to send out a policy change form on paper and then waiting a week or longer to get it back, now 70% of returned forms are received within 24 hours. For Unum, our customers come first, so we wanted to provide an easier way to complete these forms.”

Kristina Welke, assistant vice president for shared services for Unum

Life and disability insurer Unum wanted to accelerate collaboration with their customers. They adopted an electronic signature solution with great results in speed, electronic tracking, and—most importantly—customer service.

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“Working with Adobe, we met our go-live date and started providing better digital experiences for our customers right away.”

Sophie Bellermare, AVP strategic digital initiatives at Manulife

Learn how Manulife quickly scaled their website content management to provide a customer-first experience.

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