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Developing an Automotive Marketing System of Record

Digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way Automakers engage and interact with their consumers. Marketers in Automotive need to be enabled with tools that help them connect with their audience and better respond to consumer demands.

Can a tool help you manage your ever-growing complex ecosystem of brands, dealers, and markets through to agencies and in-house teams – and deliver unparalleled, and personalized customer experiences that exceed expectations at every touchpoint?

In our session we will explore:

· Personalization at scale by connecting creative, content development and delivery workflows through AI & automation

· Driving effective brand governance through centralized content management and formalized review and approval processes

· Increasing marketing efficiency and ROI by creating a feedback loop between content and in-market performance

Our speaker

Michael Plimsoll

Jan Borgwardt
Principal Automotive & Lead Central Europe
Adobe Digital Strategy Group

With over 20 years in the enterprise digital marketing and experience business, Jan has a unique point of view. Jan leads both the Central Europe territory and the Automotive Industry. This makes Jan a valuable partner for anyone who wants to know how an engaging experience becomes a business driver in the automotive sector.


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