Driving performance through personalization.

Unlock new possibilities in automotive customer experience management.

For effective marketing, awareness is only a small piece of the puzzle. Companies that prioritize personalization can grow revenue by as much as 40% compared to their counterparts. Shifting from mass communication to personalized experiences can have a huge impact on customer outcomes and ROI.

Our session on personalization at scale explores how bringing people, processes and technology together can revolutionize customer experiences in-and-out of the vehicle, and positively impact your organisation.

Discover the why, what, and how of personalization at scale with our speaker, Jan Borgwardt and navigate game-changing topics such as:

· Adopting a people first approach and implementing a customer-centric approach

· Consolidating siloed information, data, and platforms

· Creating an environment that allows for quickly learning and adapting based on learnings

· Deliver a wholistic customer experience across channels and over time

Our speaker

Michael Plimsoll

Jan Borgwardt
Principal Automotive & Lead Central Europe
Adobe Digital Strategy Group

With over 20 years in the enterprise digital marketing and experience business, Jan has a unique point of view. Jan leads both the Central Europe territory and the Automotive Industry. This makes Jan a valuable partner for anyone who wants to know how an engaging experience becomes a business driver in the automotive sector.


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