Enterprise DSP Tools

Dig deeper with more sophisticated data processing for greater insights. Raw activity logs provide rich campaign activity that go straight to your own database or data management platform. Our reporting API brings you performance metrics directly into advertiser’s native applications.


The ultimate tools designed to keep pace with your always-on enterprise.

Your advertising campaigns are multi-dimensional, so why look at results in silos? Whether it’s multiple search platforms, multiple publishers, or multiple devices, you need a broad view into campaign performance — and that shouldn’t involve endless guessing, checking, and side-by-side analysis.

With the enterprise-minded tools in Adobe Advertising Cloud, you can increase your ability to cultivate, analyze, and act on campaign reporting. The best part is it all happens in your databases and data management platform (DMP), and always on your terms.


See what makes it work.

Reporting API
API integration enables retrieval of campaign performance metrics directly into advertiser native applications for viewing or further data manipulation. Analyze metrics about campaigns, ads, advertisers, placements, and more.
Raw activity logs
Ingest raw activity logs through a server-to-server integration. Receive rich campaign activity logs directly on your own database or data management platform (DMP) to analyze and action on as desired.