It’s not just attribution.It’s an insight revolution.

Attribution lets you see how different interactions throughout the customer journey affect conversion. While traditional attribution credits specific and arbitrary events, the best attribution uses machine learning and advanced statistical models to understand the precise impact of every touch.

Today’s need meets tomorrow’s attribution.

Real customer insight is the goal of analytics. So enterprise businesses collect data from an ever-growing number of channels, both online and off. But while on its own, that data is able to say a lot about what customers are doing, it’s not as good at telling you why. Or more importantly, the effect those interactions have on their decision to convert.

Enter attribution. The goal of attribution is to understand the value of this email or video view, or that display ad or white paper in each customer’s buying journey. Hypothetically, this makes it easier to decide what tactics and content you should develop. But historically, many attribution offerings have struggled to live up to this promise. Either they only measured paid media or they only focused on a single channel like the web. While any insight is valuable, in today’s complex, multi-channel world this simply isn’t enough.

Today’s enterprise business needs more. They need to see what’s working and what’s not. They need to track their customer’s intricate dance through all their online and offline channels. And they need the ability to compare those journeys to put every interaction in context.

In other words, they need attribution to do what it was always supposed to do.

Adobe can help.

With Adobe Analytics, attribution delivers on its promise. In fact, in the 2017 Forrester Wave for Digital Intelligence Platforms, we earned a perfect score for cross-channel attribution. Because we make it easy to collect and integrate data from virtually any channel and we prioritize artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics, we make true attribution a reality.

We offer a wide variety of rules-based and advanced attribution models (first and last touch, linear, algorithmic, etc.) that help you understand your investments across all channels — paid, owned, and earned. We even let you make custom models to fit your business’s specific needs.

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“Using attribution data, we’re working toward predictive analysis that will allow us to find an ideal distribution for budget across campaigns and channels.”

Alexander Gaertner, Head of Digital Analytics, DER Touristik

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