The customer experience is always right

Open Data Initiative

The customer experience is always right.

Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP have partnered to create the Open Data Initiative. With this alliance, you can weave together data from any channel or device using a single data model to create a real-time customer profile. It's time to reimagine what customer experience management can be.

Power up your real-time customer profile.

To truly deliver world-class experiences, you need to unite behavioral, transactional, and operational data so that you can understand what your customer is doing right now, on any device, through any channel. That takes a solution that reimagines customer experience management and allows you to weave all of your data — CRM, ERP, commerce, sales, product usage, and more — into that complete, customer profile that lets you take action in real time.

The Open Data Initiative makes data accessible across your organization. and allows you to feed the real-time customer profile within Adobe Experience Platform. Transform raw data into structured information using a single data model ready for AI-driven insight and action through Experience Platform and Experience Cloud.

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Power up your real-time customer profile.

Common data. Uncommon results.

Common data. Uncommon results.

Through the Open Data Initiative, Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP have come together to solve the challenge of siloed data and fragmented understanding of customers. Unilever has collaborated with us to realize the value of the Open Data Initiative. Through turn-key continuous and connected data, and the real-time customer profile from Adobe Experience Platform, Unilever is working to drive innovation in their business and push the CPG industry forward in a big way.

A data foundation made for an experience platform.


Adobe is already a  leader in customer experience.  And Adobe Experience Platform serves as the foundation for the next generation of customer experience management. Adobe Experience Platform is an open and extensible platform that stitches and enriches all enterprise data, enabling brands to create, segment, and activate real-time customer profiles that deliver innovative and personalized experiences across any channel at scale.

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Meet the Open Data Initiative founding partners.

We’ve opened the door. Now we invite you to work with us and help us redefine the future of data and experiences.


Adobe is reimagining customer experience management with Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Experience Cloud, built from the ground up to make world-class experiences a reality. 

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SAP brings together customer data, machine learning, and microservices technology to power real-time customer experiences across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and beyond.

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Get more from your Dynamics 365 data, discover new insights with Power BI, and build your next application using Azure Initative-compliant services.

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Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Platform can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Platform can do for your business.