Asset management

Bring marketing and creative workflows together with Adobe’s digital asset management solution — Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials — accessible directly from Adobe Journey Optimizer.


Brands need a single, central location to store, manage, discover, and distribute the digital assets they use in the messages they deliver to customers as part of their customer journey.

Experience Manager Assets Essentials is a collaborative, centralized asset workspace that unifies digital assets for experience delivery. Easily organize, tag, nd, and access approved production assets via the embedded experience directly in Journey Optimizer to ensure brand consistency across the messages in each customer journey.


See what makes asset management work.

Multi channel commerce

Central source for assets
Access the Assets Essentials repository directly from within Journey Optimizer.

Tags and metadata
Use metadata and AI-driven auto-tagging powered by Adobe Sensei to increase the searchability of assets.

Manage the assets directly within Journey Optimizer with Experience Manager Assets Essentials, a robust and powerful DAM that’s connected to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Cross-team collaboration
Enable creative and marketing teams to communicate, assign, track, and collaborate on creative tasks.

Organization and management
Upload and organize assets easily in folders based on your email campaigns.

Editing options
Perform basic image editing, like spot healing, cropping, and resizing, with the built-in Adobe Photoshop Express.

Govern and manage assets better and ensure asset compliance by knowing status and expiration details.

Understand which assets are your most valuable based on which are being downloaded and used most often.

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