Reach millions of customers — or just the one that needs to hear from you now.

Be there when your customers need you with an application that lets you integrate your planned marketing campaigns with real-time, customer-led moments — whether it’s a unique message meant for one person or a time-sensitive update to your entire customer base.

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See how Journey Optimizer makes real-time, cross-channel customer moments part of the planned marketing journey.

Customer lifecycle engagement

Your customers are more than segments, and journeys are more than workflows.

Meeting your customers’ needs means meeting them where they are — not where you’ve planned them to be. But marketers aren’t fortune tellers, so being everywhere your customer needs you to be requires a bit of spontaneity. The kind that really engages customers, like pushing a discount for a customer’s favorite drink when they walk by your store. Or being the first to let your segment of college football fans know a beloved coach is leaving. These are the experiences that go the extra distance and drive loyalty.

Whether it’s an individual push notification triggered by a geofence or a time-sensitive offer to millions of customers, you need to reach your customers in ways that make sense in the context of their personal journey. But managing your real-time, triggered marketing in one application and your email and mobile marketing campaigns in another results in disconnected customer journeys and foggy customer insights, making it nearly impossible to deliver what your customers need.

Adobe can help

Adobe can help.

Adobe Journey Optimizer lets marketers manage planned marketing offers and messages, as well as one-to-one customer-led interactions and broad-based burst messages from a single application. Marketers can use real-time profile and event data, pick the best channel, and send hundreds of thousands of messages in minutes — or just one. Like that specialty coffee discount you sent because a caffeinated indulgence is only steps away.

Here’s what Journey Optimizer can do:

Audience-based marketing
Traditional email and mobile marketing, like daily offers, promotions, newsletters, and welcome programs are made even more impactful when weaved in with real-time customer interactions.

One-to-one customer marketing
Real-time customer actions and events trigger journey updates, such as push notifications within a geofence or a new journey when a customer’s loyalty status changes, making experiences more personalized.

Business-driven updates to segments
Specific customers can be updated based on real-time company events, such as sending an email when a product is back in stock or a push notification when a flight’s status changes.

Immediate broad-based burst messaging
In minutes, send your entire customer base — or just specific segments — time-relevant content such as news or culture updates, or limited-time offers.

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