Real-time Customer Data Platform

Patented privacy and security tools so you can market without worry.

Real-time CDP ensures responsible data usage with customizable data labels and real-time enforcement, so you can deliver relevant customer experiences while meeting regional regulations, enforcing usage policies, and empowering customers with greater control and transparency.

Market Responsibility - Data collection

Data collection leaves organizations vulnerable

Customer data is a critical asset for companies today. Unfortunately, data collection has outpaced many organizations’ security and privacy technology and left them open to data mismanagement and theft. Consumers know this and are exerting ever more control over how their data is used, whether through pressuring for privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA or by simply opting out. At the same time, companies face an ever-growing web of internal, contractual, and regional privacy policies they must enforce, while still getting marketers the data they need to create great experiences.

Many customer data platforms (CDPs) on the market simply aren’t robust enough to ensure responsible data usage. While most advertise some type of data management, they lack the real-time data governance framework that lets companies set and enforce the multitude of data policies they must meet on an ongoing basis.

Market-Responsibility - Adobe Can Help

Adobe can help

Adobe Real-time CDP’s data governance framework is so strong it’s been granted three patents and is the only one that lets companies set usage and access policies — and provides tools to enforce them in real time.

Predefined and customizable data labels allow companies to easily meet regional regulations such as GDPR and CCPA and are flexible enough to enact various organizational policies — even between departments. And only Adobe’s patented enforcement tools prevents data misuse with real-time alerts and a data trail to the source of the violation so it can be fixed. What’s more, because Real-time CDP collects streaming data across sources, information such as customer consents, opt-outs, and even transactional data updates in real time, preventing outdated experiences or costly missteps.

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Unified profile

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Let's talk about what Adobe Experience Cloud can do for your business.