Advanced Segmentation

Our Segmentation IQ feature allows you to discover the most statistically significant differences among an unlimited number of segments through an automated analysis of every metric and dimension. Automatically uncover key characteristics of the segments that are driving your company’s KPIs.


Use segmentation to get down to business. And do it fast.

As torrents of customer data come in, you need to organize that data in useful ways that will highlight similarities or differences between customers. To find what’s working for a high-performing group and duplicate that success with others, you need to be able to understand all the contributing factors so that you can find similar groups and take action toward them accordingly.

While all customers are valuable, segmentation helps you identify those who will give you the most immediate and profitable ROI. Because we process data differently, you can create segments on the fly from almost any set of results. And our Segmentation IQ feature helps you discover the differences among all of your audiences. Its automated analysis scours your data at a volume and speed that you couldn’t do manually, and it shows you the segments that will best drive your company’s goals.

Unlimited real-time segmentation

Machine learning evaluates customer behavior to predict customer churn, likelihood to convert, and so on. This is especially useful in remarketing.

Behavior visualizations

See how your visitors use — or don’t use — your digital properties, and leverage the insights to improve site design, navigation, content layout, product affinity, and conversion.

Online and offline personalized customer analysis

Connect and combine customer data from traditional, digital, and in-store marketing channels to get a more comprehensive view of unique customer behaviors and attributes.

Adobe Target integration

Both Analytics and Target let you tag and track, and you can use work you've already done in Analytics with Target — and vice versa — which saves you time and energy. It also reduces the all-too-common IT redundancy. Learn more in our tips and tricks guide for Adobe Target in Analytics.

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Segment IQ — an Analysis Workspace favorite.

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