Collect, send, and manage event data without skipping a beat.

Streamline how data is collected and distributed to Adobe Experience Platform and other systems and tools — such as Facebook and Google — while improving site performance. Adobe Real-Time CDP Connections lets you instantly deliver powerful marketing experiences, even in a cookieless world.

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An orchestration engine for real-time streaming event data collection, personalization, and routing.

Most data management tools can’t keep up with the ever-changing cookie environment, making personalization harder than ever. But with streaming data collection and server-side event forwarding, Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform Connections makes it easy to gather the real-time insights you need for delivering personalized experiences at scale. And it comes with industry-leading privacy and security tools.

Scalable data collection

Scale data collection using Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network, our scalable, secure, and optimized gateway for data requests across Adobe Experience Cloud and tag management technologies.

Controlled data management

Leverage a streamlined event orchestration engine to collect, enrich, and route your web and mobile events.

Event forwarding

Seamlessly collect and forward event data server-side to an internal data warehouse or third party — all in real time.

Plug-and-play extensions

Tap into a strong extension library with dozens of innovative third-party connectors.

A flexible platform

Get end-to-end publishing, sophisticated user permissioning, and audit trails with an intuitive user interface that adjusts to your use cases.

Rapid implementation

Quick-start workflows, SDKs, plug-and-play extensions, and tutorial make it easy to get up and running quickly.

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Real-Time CDP Connections features

  1. SDKs
  2. Datastreams
  3. Event forwarding
  4. Tag management
  5. Validation
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Consolidate your web, mobile, and server APIs for faster data collection.

The Adobe Experience Platform web SDK and Experience Platform mobile SDK collapse and compress all Adobe product libraries into a single development kit for web and mobile platforms, accelerating data collection.

  • Consolidate web, mobile, and server APIs.
  • Implement using raw code or tags through the data collection UI.
  • Consolidate operations into a single stream from client-side devices to the Adobe Experience Edge Network.

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Integrate cross-functional workstreams.

Datastreams sends your data server-side to other Adobe products such as Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics. These products are activated server-side without changing client-side code via the reliable, globally distributed Edge Network.

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Prepare for a world without third-party cookies.

Streamline data gathering with event forwarding to overcome sluggish sites and apps by moving client-only implementations to the Adobe server.

  • Combine our data collection SDKs with our Edge Network to enable worldwide data collection.
  • Stream event-level data from browsers and apps to any non-Adobe destinations, such as Google and Facebook, in seconds.
  • Execute small lambda-like functions for calling enrichment services or performing transformations on Adobe’s Data Collection infrastructure and streaming event data.

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Manage tags at lightening speed.

Simplify deployment and management of all analytics, marketing, and advertising tags necessary to create relevant customer experiences using Adobe Experience Platform Tags, our next-generation tag management platform.

  • Consolidate web, mobile, and server APIs.
  • Implement using raw code or tags through the data collection UI.
  • Consolidate operations into a single stream from client-side devices to the Edge Network.

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Make data collection transparent and troubleshoot issues with a potent debugger.

Get complete visability with Adobe Experience Platform Assurance, the tool that lets you collect, inspect, proof, simulate, and validate how data is collected in your mobile app. Understand which Adobe solutions are implemented and the calls they’re making with the Adobe Experience Platform Debugger, available as a Chrome extension or Firefox add-on. It also helps authenticate with Adobe to see calls to the Edge Network and event forwarding actions.

Adobe Experience Platform Assurance

Adobe Experience Platform Debugger


Explore the essentials of data collection technology.

Learn about the next generation of website tagging and mobile SDK management with our tutorial videos.

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