Shred the paper and toss the pen with e-signatures.

E-signatures make life better for citizens and government employees. We make it legal, secure, and digital — from start to finish. Watch how the State of Hawaii saved $5 million and dramatically improved citizen access to services.

Delight citizens and gain efficiencies with paperless signing

E-signatures eliminate the hassle of printing, signing, and scanning documents, as well as the delays involved with tracking everything manually. With our solutions, you can cut costs while delivering the fast, mobile-friendly services your citizens are looking for.

Support any mission

E-signatures improve efficiencies across all departments in your agency from mission-critical services like requests for permits, construction planning, or health services, to internal operations like human resources, procurement, or IT.

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Make it automatic

Employee-driven and self-serve workflows make it easy to initiate and track signing processes, enforce deadlines, and archive final documents automatically — complete with audit trails.

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Get everyone’s signatures

Legal e-signatures let you choose from a variety of signer identity verification methods, including U.S. government IDs, certificate-based employee IDs like PIV or CAC cards, and more.

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Ensure compliance

E-signature processes protect sensitive information, ensure legality and accessibility, and enforce regulatory and policy rules automatically. So you can meet requirements for FedRAMP, HIPAA, GDPR, and more.

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Extend your investment in Microsoft and other business systems

Easily integrate e-signatures into the systems and applications you already use with our pre-built integrations for Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, and more. Access to our powerful APIs is already included so you can get the most bang for your buck.

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Five key reasons to move to electronic signatures

E-signatures make work faster, easier, and more secure, but making the decision to get started can be tricky. Read this eBook to get smart about the benefits so you can be an advocate for transforming your agency’s processes.

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Colorado Department of Transportation

Read our blog post to learn how the Colorado Department of Transportation transformed its construction planning process with e-signatures from Adobe.

Colorado department of transportation
Sonoma County

Sonoma County

With Adobe Sign, Sonoma County saved $209,000 annually by reducing review times and approving reimbursement requests faster.

Sonoma County

A total solution for going paperless with signatures

Transform your agency with end-to-end digital document and form processes that make signing easy and legal.

Sign on the digital line

Automate legal and secure electronic signature processes with Adobe Sign.

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Drive document workflow efficiencies

Combine Adobe Acrobat with workflow automation and e-signatures to transform your document processes.

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Deliver exceptional form experiences

Use Adobe Experience Manager Forms to build cross-channel enrollment and onboarding journeys on par with private sector experiences.

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Document and form assessment

Take a quiz to find out how well your document and form processes meet citizen expectations for fast, friendly digital experiences.

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United States Census Bureau

Document and form assessment

Take a quiz to find out how well your document and form processes meet citizen expectations for fast, friendly digital experiences — and get a detailed report with next-step recommendations.

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