People-Based Destinations

Get access to people-based platforms with the only data management platform (DMP) that lets you streamline and scale activations.


Do more with customer data, and do it faster.

A good portion of your media is probably spent within closed platforms. Unfortunately, these platforms make it difficult for you to use centralized audiences, so you lose the efficiencies and functionality of your DMP. Instead, you must resort to time-consuming tasks like manually uploading emails to each individual platform, which delays activation and ultimately delivers a suboptimal digital experience.

Our people-based destinations feature makes Adobe Audience Manager the first and only DMP of its kind to activate audiences in people-based channels like, social networks, by using hashed identifiers, like customer emails. It lets you reach the right customers with the right experience and combine segments in both restricted platforms and open-web environments, all while utilizing the full functionality of your DMP.

People-based destinations also lets you send customer data to these platforms with higher frequencies—up to every day—instead of manually uploading custom audiences once a week or month. You can activate across channels with the same segmentations while accessing to governance and export controls of Audience Manager.

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