Customer communications count. Build loyalty for your brand with each interaction.

Deliver personalized, accurate, and timely customer communications that go directly to a customer’s preferred channel — email, web, mobile, or print. And, do this for millions of customers through scheduled, on-demand, or batch communications that drive up engagement and up-sell opportunities throughout the customer journey.

Put a personal touch on customer communications.

In business and in life — it’s all about the relationship. The deeper your relationship with someone, the more likely they are to listen to what you have to say and take action when you ask. But, with thousands or millions of customers, you risk losing the efficacy of the personal in favor of the efficiency of the generic.

Smart brands know that’s a poor trade-off. The better choice is to deliver personalized customer communications across channels with the help of technology. You can use fragment-based authoring, a theme editor, and automated document generation to quickly create content for specific audiences on a customer’s preferred channel — web, email, app, or printed. And, you can send it at the best time, whether that’s on-demand, scheduled, or in a batch.

To keep the conversation going and growing, you can even set up automated responses or use interactive elements that encourage customers to take the next step or fill out a self-service application. And, you can do all this while maintaining compliance with audit trails.

Adobe can help.

With Adobe Experience Manager Forms, you have the tools you need to communicate with your customers at the right time and in the right way. Create compliant, mobile, email, or web-ready personalized correspondence and automate it for on-demand, batch, or scheduled delivery to grow new and ongoing customer relationships. Because right content, right time, and right place is everything.

“With an expected additional 10% growth in use, along with new efficiencies gained by leveraging additional Adobe Experience Manager capabilities, the sky is the limit to what we can do.”

Tajel Shah, Chief Assistant Treasurer, Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector

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