Multichannel Communication

Create, preview, and publish mobile-responsive web and print-ready communications within a single editor by dragging and dropping synchronized content from channel to channel.


Reach customers wherever they choose.

Marketers talk to customers on a daily basis. But all too often, customers aren’t listening. That’s because everyone has their own preference for how they communicate with brands. You want to meet customers where they’re most comfortable — and keep it personalized along the way. You also know that when it comes to improving communication across a variety of channels, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work.

With multichannel communication, create compliant and mobile-ready correspondence to help new and ongoing customer relationships grow. Create and send personalized letters, statements, and other communications to be received and read on smartphones, tablets, or desktops — even in print. When you communicate with customers on their terms, you’ll improve reach, drive engagement, and ensure they listen to your message.


See what makes it work.

See what makes it work.

Drag-and-drop variables (NEW)
Draft your content. Then, drag and drop data elements to quickly bind them to specific variable content within template.

Single editor
Whether you’re creating or editing documents for web or print channels, you can edit all of them in a single editor rather than in multiple separate editors.

Multi-channel fragments
Create components once, including charts and text blocks, and then drag and drop them across channels as needed.

Multi-device preview
See how your documents will look across several devices — desktop, smartphone, tablet — all within your browser.

Take a deeper dive.

Create both web and print templates.

Learn how to create templates for both print and web channels in our documentation.

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Create personalized text.

Learn how to create, edit, and format text in interactive communications with our Help section.

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Transforming customer experience with communications.

Learn how to create a customer communication strategy the bridges the post-acquistion customer experience gap.

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