Compare Adobe Learning Manager to other learning management systems (LMS).

Enterprise-scale training is essential for both a trained workforce and customer engagement. Learn how Adobe compares with other popular learning management systems.*

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Learner engagement and AI-guided personalization.

Adobe Learning Manager

Other LMSs


Badges, points, achievement levels, live leaderboards, and other features incentivize learning through positive reinforcement and healthy competition.
While some LMSs offer some gamification, it’s usually an additional cost.

AI-based social learning

Informal, peer-to-peer discussion boards let learners share knowledge as well as content. Enabling learners to have discussions among themselves is a powerful way to encourage learning.
Most LMSs don’t offer social learning. The ones that do, often don’t have reporting features associated with social learning.

Email and announcements

Administrators can send personalized, custom emails and announcements, either to individuals or to specific learner groups, without any overlap.
Many LMSs offer email. However, most don’t offer email to specific groups or specific instances. This makes it difficult to send personalized communication to multiple groups without overlaps.

Unified, experience-driven learning.

Adobe Learning Manager

Other LMSs

Seamless content consumption with Fluidic

Fluidic Player is a unique technology that plays virtually any kind of eLearning content seamlessly and consistently, without the need for plug-ins or apps. It provides an unparalleled experience for learners.
A learner’s experience is dependent on the content type. For instance, PowerPoint slides must be downloaded in Microsoft, videos require a new browser window and a native player, etc. This creates a disjointed user experience and makes tracking difficult for administrators.

Native and headless capabilities

Learning manager is a plug-and-play solution that lets you launch in hours, develop Adobe Experience Manager Sites on the fly, and integrates with any CMS via open APIs.
Most LMSs don’t offer headless capabilities. Additionally, any integration with Adobe Experience Manager Sites would require an API-based connection.
An intuitive and immersive browsing and search experience with AI-based recommendations that deliver results based on learners interests and skills.
Other LMSs don’t offer immersive UIs and advanced search capabilities. Without the relevant recommendations from AI, it’s difficult to build on a learner’s established foundation.

Guided learning and structured learning management.

Adobe Learning Manager

Other LMSs

Learning plans and path

Administrators can build learning paths with any number of courses, creating guided learning journeys. They can also automate the enrollment process using learning plans.
Other LMSs can’t create rule-based learner enrollment and course assignments.

Skills-based learning journey

Learning Manager is a skill-based learning platform that allows administrators to provide relevant skill-based courses and create learning journeys that build skills incrementally.
Most LMSs do not have a detailed skill-based learning administration process.


An innovator in multi-tenancy, Learning Manager lets you link multiple accounts in a peer-to-peer fashion, sharing content, reporting, and licensing. This lets an organization share common training objectives with sub-organization while allowing them to maintain independent control.
Most LMSs offer a traditional hierarchical system of multi-tenancy that makes management and tracking complicated.

Enterprise ready — Unmatched performance, security, and extensibility.

Adobe Learning Manager

Other LMSs

Migration from existing LMS

Learning Manager offers seamless transfer of training content and records from any existing LMS through an industry-leading set of tools, managed independently through an integration administrator role.
The ease with which an administrator can self-drive the migration process through a dedicated user interface within Adobe Learning Manager is unmatched by any other LMS.

Content delivery infrastructure

Learning Manager uses Brightcove streaming server for a virtually zero-lag video experience. It also uses Akamai content delivery network (CDN), which connects with thousands of servers around the world, ensuring the fastest content delivery.
LMSs without streaming servers risk delivering videos that buffer in low bandwidth connections. Likewise, without a CDN, content loads more slowly — both of which make a subpar learning experience.

Integration with Adobe and third-party products

Component-based integrations with Adobe Connect, as well as Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and Workday make planning, execution, and evaluation of hybrid learning easy. While direct integrations with Adobe Marketo Engage and Adobe Commerce let you run marketing campaigns and sell courses from within the platform.
The integration limitations of other LMSs make it difficult or impossible to run hybrid classrooms, marketing campaigns, commerce, and HR processes smoothly.

*This comparison is based on publicly available information for a group of popular enterprise LMSs. The information here is indicative and should be used according to the user’s discretion, given SaaS products are updated frequently.