Stay in Creative Cloud and stay in your creative zone.

The Adobe Workfront plug-in for Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to see your projects and priorities without leaving your Creative Cloud app, eliminating interruptions and giving you more time for what you do best: be creative.


Work together without leaving your favorite workspace.

Connecting Creative Cloud and Workfront lets creatives see and manage their work assignments, request and get feedback, and deliver assets from inside their Creative Cloud app, while stakeholders are able to review, comment, and approve from Workfront. That means fewer meeting, few emails, and fewer interruptions — and better content faster.


Manage your entire process

From request to approval, all work can be managed from Photoshop, InDesign, XD, and Illustrator.


Upload and manage assets

Iterate quickly without losing track of updates. Creatives can upload files directly from Creative Cloud to Workfront projects and tasks.


Streamline updates

Add comments and updates to Workfront tasks directly from Creative Cloud, so you can work without interruption.


Seamless reviews

When work is ready to review, stakeholders can use Workfront to review and provide feedback, and creatives can see their comments and can respond in Creative Cloud.


Liberty Mutual improved creative workflow.

Liberty Mutual was able to create better customer experiences and get them to market faster by connecting Workfront and Creative Cloud.

See how easy it is to connect creatives directly to their work.

Connecting Adobe Workfront to Creative Cloud makes collaboration easier for all collaborators. And it’s easy to do.


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