Mobile App Analytics

Adobe Analytics delivers comprehensive mobile web and app analytics along with best-in-industry visualisations and reporting, helping product teams to quickly and easily optimise mobile engagement. Whether it’s improving retention or increasing conversion, we provide the predictive insights that help you to maximise the return on mobile investments.


Know why they stay. And how to keep them.

Keeping track of all your mobile interactions with your customers—and delivering great experiences at scale every time—is difficult, to say the least. And you likely have to manage multiple SDKs to make these mobile experiences possible.

But those days are over. Set your product teams up for success by providing them a single Experience Cloud SDK to manage the entire mobile lifecyle and a powerful toolset in Adobe Analytics. This way, you can turn your deep data insights into action, truly understanding your audience and creating optimised mobile experiences they’ll love.

Campaign acquisition tracking
Find and retain high-value customers with sequential multi-touch and re-engagement attribution analysis and reporting. Adobe integrates acquisition source data from a variety of mobile partners.

Quickly get started
Use out-of-the-box mobile reports and visualisations—called Mobile Starter projects—to get product teams up and running quickly.

Optimise mobile performance
Take advantage of the full toolset in Adobe Experience Cloud to manage the entire mobile lifecycle, including personalisation, engagement, audiences and analytics — all through one high-performing SDK.

Understand your audience
Discover high-value audiences and understand differences between segments with automated analysis and use visualisations to show how different users flow between features and when they fall out.

Define mobile experiences
Define visits any way you want, whether that’s setting a customised time-out, preventing background hits from starting a new visit or even starting a visit with the app launch event.

Scale mobile engagement
Volume is never a problem in Adobe Analytics. Use mobile analytics to provide a smooth user experience even as your mobile business grows.