Data Explorer

Improve audience creation and segmentation by creating traits from both structured and unstructured data, so you can immediately take action on all data that comes into Adobe Audience Manager.

Data that works for you.

As a marketer, your number one goal is to deliver high-value campaigns that draw engagement and create leads. It used to be that your success depended on culling through an endless assortment of data, identifying traits and creating segments. But now there’s another option.

With Data Explorer, you have a powerful suite of capabilities with the unique capability to surface trending signals from unstructured data — all of which can be done at the speed of structured systems. Build traits directly from the Signals report and activate them immediately. Now you’ll spend less time creating traits and more time making better decisions with your data.

How Data Explorer adds value.

Focus on high value audiences
There’s no need to create all the traits ahead of time or for “just in case” circumstances. You only create and keep high value traits with better signals.

Improve workflow
Maximise your workflow efficiency by going from signal insights to actionable traits in just a few clicks. Browse through historical data and add traits in real time.

Work with unstructured data
Retain data from unused signals with a tool capable of creating traits from structured and unstructured data, including traits based on behaviour that you didn’t define before collection began.

Avoid data loss
Recover and act on historical data associated with the trait so that you’re capturing all interactions with your brand.

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