Identity Management

Define how devices are stitched together, either at the user or household level, to focus or expand targeting parameters. Determine how experiences are personalised when users are logged in or engaging anonymously. Based on the profile rules you set, you can manage identities and deliver a consistent experience across devices.


One user. Multiple devices. One consistent experience.

Most people have more than one connected device — a smartphone, tablet, laptop and now even a smartwatch. Multiply that by a household and the number jumps, adding the complexity of shared devices. But if a customer has given you their information, they expect a consistent experience during every interaction —regardless of the device they’re using.

Profile Merge Rules in Adobe Audience Manager give you control over the type and level of device data used for audience segmentation. Because members of a household often make purchasing decisions together, you can group and link devices to control who is exposed to your messaging. Or, you can precisely target messages that should only be seen by a given user when he or she is logged in.


See what makes it work.

Expand targeting
Reach everyone in a household or all users of a shared device by increasing the size of datasets available for targeting. Access to device graphs and profile merge rules gives you the ability to take a data-driven approach to increase reach.
Focus targeting
Deliver offers only to users when they are logged in, or based on previous log in activity. By leveraging authenticated profile and device options, Audience Manager helps you personalise with precision.

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Become a profile expert.

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