Adobe Marketo Engage

Take the guesswork out of marketing work with marketing automation.

Say goodbye to marketing missteps with industry-leading marketing automation that lets you streamline lead management, cross-channel engagement and multi-touch attribution.


A fully automated platform built for scale, speed and personalisation.

Traditional marketing is an uphill climb. With lead chasing, audience guesswork and imprecise tracking and analysis comes marketing missteps — and missed opportunities. Disjointed customer experiences and miscalculated handoffs to sales teams can sink your deal and your reputation. To stay ahead, teams needs to scale, become more precise and adapt to customer demands in real time.

But the best marketing team in the world can’t manage all the data and unique customer journeys needed to create customer relationships at enterprise scale. To keep growing, marketers need marketing automations to find the right prospects and personally nurture them through complex, self-led customer journeys.


Adobe can help.

Whether you’re a B2B marketer needing lead-based and account-based marketing tools or a B2C marketer nurturing high-value relationships, Adobe Marketo Engage uses data and AI to automate marketing tasks and workflows, while tracking impact and reach. AI-assisted automations help you to create in-depth profiles and find and segment new prospects and audiences. Real-time “listening” triggers relevant content across web, mobile and email marketing, as well as paid and social channels. Finally, native integrations connect marketing automation with your most important tools, such as your CRM, to let your teams sync marketing and sales efforts.

Here’s how you can put your marketing on automatic.

Audience building and segmentation
Use AI to build and segment your audience by demographics, firmographics and simple and cross-channel behaviour to get a holistic view of prospect, customer and engagement data.

Cross-channel personalisation
Easily personalise your web pages, emails, social media, advertising, SMS and events, as well as responsive landing pages with integrated forms that make it easy for buyers to convert.

Lead nurturing and scoring
Support your lead-to-revenue process with your sales team by co-developing intelligent scoring and qualification models across all programmes.

Triggered activities
Automatically launch a campaign or respond in real time with personalised content the moment a customer fills in a form, visits a web page or their lead score changes.

Performance analytics
Measure revenue performance by channel or programme across metrics like revenue, pipeline, investment, ROI and prospects generated to determine which investments give the greatest return.


255% higher

Average sales value when part of a lead nurturing campaign.


523% increase

Campaign efficiency with the same marketing staff.


25% increase

Overall deal velocity.

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“The automation in Marketo Engage gives us more time to create unique content that turns fans into loyal ticket-holders. In just two years, we increased digital leads by 80% and revenue growth by 315%.”

Ben Conrad
Senior Director of Database Marketing, Milwaukee Bucks

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