Make the most of your insights with powerful integrations.

Empower product teams to implement ongoing product optimisation. With Adobe, product teams can act on insights quickly by leveraging the power of Adobe Experience Platform to publish real-time audiences immediately.

What good are insights if you don’t act on them?

Finding insights is half the battle — what you do with those insights drives your business forward. What activation strategy have you got when a friction point in the checkout process is discovered? What teams do you work with when a group of identified dormant users needs an activation push from a marketing channel?

Working with cross-functional teams using different processes, tools, data, metrics and customer profiles is complicated and time-consuming. Your users expect personalised experiences in the moments that matter. Your business can’t afford to wait — you need to act on insights at speed.

Adobe can help.

Product teams can go beyond insights by tapping into the full power of Adobe Experience Cloud. Through native integrations with Adobe Journey Optimizer and Adobe Real-Time CDP, product owners can act immediately by publishing real-time audiences for activation. Once a campaign has launched, product teams can close the loop, fully measure the campaign’s impact without tapping analytics teams and continue to optimise. Empower growth through experiences by enabling product, marketing and customer experience teams to align processes and use the same data, metrics and customer profiles.

Pair Product Analytics with Journey Optimizer and Real-Time CDP for better in-product personalised experiences by:

  • Understanding the channels that lead users to your product and optimising to defined KPIs.
  • Getting quicker insights with active listening to real-time signals for better engagement.
  • Using cross-channel data and bringing marketing and product teams together in an integrated authoring canvas.
  • Growing subscription revenues and decreasing churn through experimentation, goal-based engagement strategies and personalisation based on enriched customer profiles.

See how insights get put to work.