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It’s a sprint to build the digital experiences today’s policyholders demand. Learn how to win in the new world of P&C.

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Invest in digital experiences to engage policyholders.

Property and casualty (P&C) policyholders have high expectations for their insurance experience. They’re looking for a connected claims environment, virtual support and proactive communication. If providers don’t meet these expectations, 80% of policyholders are likely to switch carriers.1

Outpace your competition to win — and keep — policyholders.

Unify cross-channel experiences

Bolster your offerings across channels to build stickier, stronger policyholder relationships.

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Integrate and streamline content management

Develop a modernised approach to content management that improves agility and marketing ROI.

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Digitise the end-to-end claims processes

Create a convenient, digital-first claims process that lowers costs, improves efficiencies and elevates policyholder experiences.

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Accenture expects that innovation leaders in the insurance sector will take a 37% revenue lead over their competition by 2023.2 Learn how to gain an advantage in the race by creating the digital policyholder experiences of tomorrow, today.

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Unify cross-channel experiences

Build stronger relationships.

45% of policyholders now use at least three channels to support the carrier selection process.3

Today’s policyholders use digital tools to find, evaluate and engage with their insurers. And since the pandemic began, they expect to have more virtual interactions with providers. But finding channels that accommodate each policyholder’s unique preferences is tough.

To keep up with demands and earn more P&C market share, providers must collect and centralise real-time customer data. Understanding how every channel and touchpoint work together empowers industry leaders to create unified, seamless experiences for current and future policyholders.

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Improve agility and ROI.

Online comparison shopping for auto insurance nearly doubled from 2019 to 2021 and online shopping for home insurance is up 30% from 2019.4

Without a toolset that allows insurers to compete through personalised, omnichannel marketing, you’ll risk falling behind the competition.

Adopting an intelligent content model could be the most important factor in insurers’ growth and because almost half (40%) of consumer respondents are now willing to share data in exchange for greater personalisation,5 there’s no reason not to take advantage.

Prioritising investment in technology to improve customer experience means will help you uncover opportunities to build more personalised, lasting relationships.

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Improve experiences and create efficiencies.

The share of purely off-line policyholders is expected to decrease to just 2 out of 10 people by 2024.

A connected environment that integrates capabilities like data collection, document management and payments can improve process outcomes for everyone.

Digitised claims streamline processes and enhance efficiency, too—41% of agents and brokers find it valuable to have automated data capture and prefill tools to provide a superior customer experience.7

Policyholders prefer a convenient digital experiences compared to tediously submitting claims via outdated systems. In fact, 71% of survey respondents 55+ years old say they would like a modern Internet chat and video insurance claim process to replace traditional in-office process.8

Elevate experiences


Become the P&C insurer other companies want to be.

Insurers must invest in their digital experiences if they want to acquire and retain policyholders. The pandemic has only made a tough problem tougher: over 60% of insurance executives said COVID-19 affected their acquisition efforts and around 40% reported that it affected policyholder retention.9

It’s time for P&C providers to implement modern tools that empower convenient and modern experiences. We want to help insurers reimagine how, when and where they will provide exceptional digital services that help them to earn — and keep — new policyholders.

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