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Gaining a deep understanding of your customers requires the ability to use data to measure and optimize the way they respond to your products and services. AI-driven product recommendations and live search results deliver more relevant and personalized commerce experiences that improve conversion, retention, cross-sell, and up-sell.

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Multi channel commerce

Do more with the data you have

With stiff competition and tight margins, you need the ability to identify your most profitable customers and build meaningful experiences for them. When you use business intelligence tools and data analytics, you gain valuable insights into their behaviors that can help you deliver on the promise of personalization.



By harnessing the power of your database along with your other systems, you can see product response metrics, shoppers’ channel usage, and other insights that accelerate smart, data-driven decisions. This lets you measure and analyze key attributes across the customer lifecycle — from browsing habits, purchasing history, and average order value to social media engagement — so you can find the best avenues to deliver relevancy and personalization.


Using your data to enhance segmentation, fine-tune marketing, and identify your most profitable customers also lets you maximize your impact — by targeting the right customers with the right products and offers at the right time.

Multi channel commerce

Adobe can help

Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento offers highly sophisticated tools to deliver personalized shopping experiences that drive conversion. Our intelligent commerce tools are powered by Adobe Sensei, our AI and machine learning framework, maximizing commerce data value and enhancing decision-making.


Live Search
Live Search automatically ranks the best product facets and filters for any query, helping shoppers find what they’re looking for faster, eliminating the need to craft exhaustive site search rules and logic.


Product recommendations
Automatically analyzes shopper and product catalog data, giving shoppers personalized product recommendations based on their product selection and purchase behavior.


Intuitive dashboards and automatic data updates
Visualize complicated data from disparate sources in easily digestible formats. Automatic data updates keep you up-to-date with your latest business intelligence.


Integrated intelligence
When you connect your database and other systems, you can control and manage all your business and transactional data all in one place, and apply data analytics to gain shopper insights.

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Multi channel commerce

Multi channel commerce

“Our new, responsive Adobe Commerce site has increased our conversions and elevated the brand to new levels. No one else in our industry sees the conversion rate or has the flexibility of content that we do.”

Anna Wessel
Ecommerce Director, Catbird

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Adobe Commerce is intelligent commerce

Business intelligence

Eliminate technical data hurdles with a central solution that lets you analyze what is important.

Live Search

Deliver fast, AI-powered results and relevant product recommendations for B2C and B2B shoppers.

Product recommendations

Deliver more relevant experiences to every shopper. Use AI and machine learning to increase the impact of your digital merchandising.

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