Tag Management

Adobe Experience Platform Launch makes it easy to manage tags and it provides innovative tools for collecting and distributing data across digital marketing systems.


Tag, you’re it.

Tags are at the heart of any analytics practice. They make it possible for you to collect data, which become the insights you need. The challenge is deploying and managing those tags efficiently.

Built by the same engineers that built Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) back in 2013, Launch is our next-generation tag management system that unifies our entire marketing technology ecosystem. With Launch, third-party developers can build, maintain and continuously update their integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud, meaning you can deploy both Adobe and third-party apps with ease — and capture and use customer data as you please.

Extensive Extensions catalogue

Browse, configure and deploy marketing technology built and maintained directly by independent software vendors.

Redesigned rule builder

Integrate the data and functionality of marketing and ad technologies to unify different products.

Open APIs

Automate baseline implementations for one tool or several.

Component-based publishing

Publish only what you intend by bundling the rules, data elements and extensions that make up a library.

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Introducing Launch.

Watch this set of tutorials to start getting familiar with Launch, our next-generation tag management system and see what sets it apart from Dynamic Tag Management.

Watch now | Launch in action

See Launch in action.

Watch this live demonstration of Launch from one of our product experts.

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