Modern healthcare is redefining individual experiences

From life sciences to pharmacies, digital transformation is helping healthcare organizations create personalized experiences that engage patients, members, providers, even healthcare professionals — and keeps them coming back.

Announcing Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare

Learn how the expansion of Adobe Experience Cloud will improve outcomes throughout the healthcare sector by helping organizations deliver individualized experiences, digitally.

The pandemic has propelled the patient to the center of engagement

Today’s healthcare requires technology that engages consumers with personalized telehealth and remote care experiences in real-time, empowering them to actively manage their health and wellness.

Healthcare’s demand for digital experience solutions

While the healthcare sector has acknowledged the call for digital transformation, many organizations still lack the required technology foundation to deliver the personalized experiences today’s consumers expect. (source: Adobe’s 2021 Digital Trends—Healthcare & Pharma in Focus)

A push for new experiences and technologies

49% of healthcare organizations are focusing on providing new service offerings to patients, members, and providers, requiring advanced tools for experience  personalization and segmentation.

Digital capabilities need a shot in the arm

49% view their current customer experience strategies and technologies as “somewhat advanced” but not enough to deliver real-time health and wellness  management to consumers.

The urgent need for stronger digital foundations

41% acknowledge a lack of digital skills and capabilities as a significant factor holding back development of their customer experience initiatives

Reimagine consumer healthcare with digital transformation

Patients, members, and providers expect healthcare management options personalized to their individual needs. With a strong digital foundation, your organization can confidently meet these expectations, whether online or off.



Get personalized, content-led digital experiences and assets to healthcare consumers faster with Adobe Experience Manager.



Adobe Analytics helps you surface data insights in real-time to continually improve healthcare experiences for patients, members, and providers.



Adobe Target provides everything you need to personalize consumer healthcare management and deliver individualized engagement.

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