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Grundfos delivers customer-centric experiences throughout the sales funnel with Adobe.



Employees: 20,000

Bjerringbro, Denmark




Global websites, with +55 million web pages and 30+ languages, managed on a single platform


Adobe Experience Cloud

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Adobe Target

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Create customer-centric experiences across digital channels

Understand the needs of diverse customers across business units and around the world

Achieve closer alignment between sales and marketing

Enable marketers to focus more time on campaign creation

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Managed +55 million web pages for 65 global websites in 30+ languages on one platform

15% increase in website traffic by optimising content and delivering more relevant customer experiences

131% increase in acceptance rate of open or unfinished quotes with automated follow-up emails

55% increase in email open rates and 71% increase in click-through rates with marketing automation

One year after founding a small machining company in his cellar, Poul Due Jensen received a request to install a small automatic waterworks system. Unable to find an electric pump that met his standards for quality, Jensen decided to develop his own. Today, Grundfos carries on that legacy for both quality and customer service as the largest pump manufacturer in the world. From water systems to heating and cooling, Grundfos produces more than 16 million units annually to serve people around the world.

For Jens Nielsen, Senior Manager of Marketing Automation, Lead Excellence and Analytics and Lisa Ingemann Simonsen, Global Web Platforms Senior Manager at Grundfos, delivering superior customer experiences is always top of mind. But today, Grundfos serves customers worldwide in vastly different sectors. Customers include city governments, farmers, factories, airports, shopping malls and individual homeowners. Trying to make sure that each customer gets the best experience for them — with the information that they need quickly available at just the right time — was no easy task.

“We wanted to create customer-centric experiences, but our customers have very different personas, from service provider or installers needing parts to repair someone’s home heating system to engineers researching solutions for a new multi-year municipal water project,” says Ingemann Simonsen. “As we have a presence in more than 60 markets, it gets even more complicated to deliver impactful experiences efficiently. We decided that we needed to rethink our digital marketing platform to deliver relevance on every touchpoint.”

Grundfos undertook a digital transformation aimed at better meeting the needs of each customer. It reorganised around four global business divisions — water utility, commercial buildings, domestic buildings and industry — that focus on serving the needs of specific market segments and customer groups. Grundfos worked with partner Valtech to launch a new global website on Adobe Experience Manager Sites based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

To support the new website, Grundfos are utilising Adobe Experience Manager Assets for digital asset management and Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target to optimise and personalise web experiences. Finally, Grundfos added Adobe Marketo Engage to extend those experiences across channels and provide just the right information for customers throughout the sales funnel.

“Scalability is critical for us. Experience Manager makes it possible for us to scale content creation and onboard our four divisions and local editing teams to keep up with expanding site content while maintaining branding control.”

Lisa Ingemann Simonsen

Global Web Platforms Senior Manager, Grundfos

Creating relevant experiences for global audiences

The global website is a key touchpoint for Grundfos to share its story with customers. Millions of customers visit every year to learn about Grundfos products and services, compare pumps and choose the right solution for their application. The new website is built for scale, allowing Grundfos to help every customer find what they need quickly.

Valtech worked with Grundfos to design new templates, user interfaces, as well as reusable fragments and components. Content authors combine templates and Content Fragments to quickly create new content and experiences while maintaining a consistent level of quality and branding. All reusable content, marketing images, product photographs and other assets are stored centrally in Experience Manager Assets where they are easily accessible to content creators working on any digital channel.

“Scalability is critical for us. Experience Manager makes it possible for us to scale content creation and onboard our four divisions and local editing teams to keep up with expanding site content while maintaining branding control,” says Ingemann Simonsen. “The Multi Site Manager function is particularly important as it allows us to deliver effective experiences at scale. Today we manage +55 million pages across 65 websites in more than 30 languages from a single location.”

“With Experience Manager, we’re increasing the reach of our brand story and product catalogue on the website.”

Lisa Ingemann Simonsen

Global Web Platforms Senior Manager, Grundfos

Driving sales with marketing automation

While each business unit focuses on approaching a different persona, customers may interact with Grundfos across multiple business units and regions. Marketo Engage serves as the source of truth for all marketing customer information. That way, marketers know that they are sending emails to the right audiences at the right times.

Grundfos built out standard programmes for newsletters, automated nurture campaigns, webinars, single email blasts and other types of communications. Marketers at all levels, working for any division anywhere in the world, can use these standard programmes to build campaigns and send them out quickly.

“We want marketers to spend less time on technical activities, such as setting up programmes, creating templates and inserting tracking codes,” says Nielsen. “Marketo Engage lets marketers spend more time refining content, looking at audiences and finding better ways to engage with customers. Since building our Marketing Automation capability in 2017 we have increased marketing email deliveries with more than 500%.”

With an increased focus on elevating content and increasing customer touches, the email open rate and click-through rate rose by 52% and 47% respectively - while delivering 59% more emails at the same time. Automated triggers also allow marketers to send out more effective messaging with ease. Smart campaigns automatically pass customers from one stage of the sales funnel to the next depending on the customer’s engagement score, keeping customers moving down the sales funnel.

Grundfos plans to continue removing silos between sales and marketing by adding lead-based scoring to pass on stronger leads and focusing on account-based marketing.

“Our goal is to have better and more relevant customer relationships,” says Nielsen. “With Adobe, we’re creating seamless digital experiences that allow us to support our customers and make# sure that that they feel comfortable with taking the next steps throughout the sales funnel.”

“Marketo Engage lets marketers spend more time refining content, looking at audiences and finding better ways to engage with customers.”

Jens Nielsen

Senior Manager of Marketing Automation, Lead Excellence and Analytics, Grundfos

Making web experiences work harder

Since launch, Grundfos has continually worked to improve the customer experience. Grundfos works with Siteimprove to analyse the detailed metrics of the website, identifying issues and helping to create a smooth web experience. Analytics captures customer intent throughout the customer funnel, helping marketers determine what kind of content raises awareness and engagement. The Grundfos Ecademy, for instance, provides free online training to raise awareness and improve brand loyalty. The courses are highly successful at engagement, receiving a customer satisfaction rating of 95%.

This insight is fed into Target to deliver recommendations of other products that customers may be interested in, increasing awareness and improving cross-selling opportunities. Grundfos also uses Target to test new experiences and find new opportunities to improve customer experiences.

Adobe Target is a key technology for Grundfos. Many different personas require individual experiences based on their distinct needs. Adobe Target enables Grundfos to deliver personalised experience unique to the intended audience: “With Adobe Target we enable a wide set of individualised experiences ranging from product recommendations in Ecommerce, where we make it significantly easier for our customers to buy spare parts and accessories while researching pumps and pumping systems, to more intuitive recommendations in our product catalogue for any visitor.” Says Nielsen.

“With Experience Manager, we’re increasing the reach of our brand story and product catalogue on the website. We’ve seen a 15% increase in website traffic through optimised experiences.” says Ingemann Simonsen.

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