Automated Forms Conversion

Automatically convert all your legacy PDF forms and traditional input fields to digital, mobile-responsive, adaptive forms with our machine learning services powered by Adobe Sensei. Convert batches of forms at once and easily connect with analytics and preconfigure themes.


From mission impossible to mission accomplished.

Organisations are continually working to enhance the customer experience across digital channels and forms are no different. You want to create documents and forms that improve the experience and increase conversions — and you want it done automatically. You also know it’s time to update your legacy PDF forms, but your current software makes the task seem impossible to accomplish.

Automated forms conversion harness the power of Adobe Sensei to breathe new life into your old PDF forms — all with the click of a button. This helps you to create beautiful, mobile-responsive forms that please your customers. You’ll also save time and money by using Adobe’s powerful AI software to automate the process.


See what makes it work.

Form automation
Automatically identify and transform input fields from traditional PDF or XFA documents into mobile-responsive, adaptive forms. Ensure forms render properly no matter what devices your customers use.

Forms analytics
Automatically apply analytics to what used to be your old-school PDF forms with the click of a button.

Reusable components
Extract fragments and components that you can reuse for creating new forms, so you don’t have to create new components for each form.

Themes and styles
Apply themes to the new forms easily by selecting from your list of preapproved styles, keeping your branding consistent.

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Convert forms in a flash.

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