Real-time profile and insights

A complete customer view for a more complete customer journey.

Update your customers’ journey in real time using a customer profile fused continuously with data from across all customer touchpoints — digital and in person, Adobe and non-Adobe — and tools that actively “listen” for customer actions and events.

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How well do you know your customers?

Customer data is everywhere. Unfortunately, data is stored in several systems — data collected from web interactions in one place, customer service data in another, financial data in yet another. That means marketers are left creating customer journeys with a limited view of their customers. The result is customer journeys that are reactive rather than proactive and brand interactions that lag behind customers’ actual needs and wants. 


What you need is a holistic view of your customer. But you also need to know what’s happening around them. Was their last order with you delivered late? Is it snowing where they are or is it a good day to hit the pool? If marketers had this information, they could begin to create personalised, timely experiences. However, piecing together the data from multiple sources is complicated and manually moving customers in and out of audiences is time consuming.

Adobe can help

Adobe can help.

Adobe Journey Optimizer lets you connect the customer identity dots to weave real-time, customer-led interactions into planned customer journeys. It starts with a unified customer profile that updates in real time using data from all sources — Adobe and non-Adobe. It also “listens” for real-time events and customer actions to automatically move customers in and out of audiences and segments, making real-time, customer-led interactions possible. 


Here’s how real-time insights and engagement are built:

Real-time customer profiles

Unified profiles that include online and off-line data from across the customer lifecycle integrate with internal sources of data like CRM and point of sale let you create contextual personalised offers.

Identity resolution and audience management

Continuously updated profiles move customers in and out of segments in real time, allowing for extended segmentation and audience sharing use cases. 

Real-time signals

Real-time customer actions, event signals and segment qualifications trigger relevant one-to-one messaging, such as push notifications within a geofence or a new customer journey.

Journey insights and reporting

View how journeys are performing in real time and against historical data for email and push notifications — and get insight into message delivery, interaction rates and customer progression. 

Build end-to-end customer journeys with real-time customer views.

Learn how real-time data leads to real-time engagement in Adobe Journey Optimizer: Real-time Customer Profiles, Audiences and Actions.

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